28 Exercise Videos

1 video per day for 28 days, each routine taking 5 minutes

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Daily Instructions

Under each video you will find a to-do list for that day.

Easy-to-follow Chart


Day 1


Day 5

Is It Getting Easier?

Day 9

Hang in There

Day 13

Stay Focused

Day 17

Your Face Shows Your History

Day 21

Any Change?

Day 25

Focus on this Journey

Day 2

Piece of Cake

Day 6

Almost There

Day 10

No Exercise. No Change

Day 14

Half Done

Day 18

Love Yourself

Day 22

You Know Yourself

Day 26

3 More Days!

Day 3

Not Too Bad

Day 7

Do You See The Change?

Day 11

Stay With Me

Day 15

Feel the Movement

Day 19

Feel the Change Inside

Day 23

Intention Creates Reality

Day 27

You CAN do it!

Day 4

No Excuses

Day 8

Fresh Start

Day 12

It Takes Time But You’ll Get There

Day 16

You Own Your Face

Day 20

Everything is Possible

Day 24

Feel the Internal Power

Day 28



Fumiko Takatsu

Fumiko Takatsu

Face Yoga Expert

Best-selling author and Japanese TV celebrity Fumiko Takatsu helps Face Yoga students everywhere discover their most beautiful selves – inside and out.

A 30-year yoga devotee, Fumiko created the Face Yoga Method after a car accident left her face disfigured. Almost a decade later, she has defied modern medicine and the effects of time, creating for herself a toned, youthful face that shows no evidence of aging or trauma. 

As a busy educator and mother who divides her time between California and her native Japan, Fumiko makes practicing and teaching Face Yoga a priority. 

Her glowing, natural beauty is proof the Face Yoga Method yields startling results. 

See you on the inside!