dermaroller-face-yoga-methodDerma rolling or micro needling as it is also known has grown in popularity over the last five years.  There are many reviews and opinions online regarding derma rollers.  Some believe in the effectiveness and some do not.  Doctors fall on both sides of the topic.  Like so many things in life we decided the only way to find out how well derma rollers worked was to try them.  We bought, tested and researched a multitude of different derma rollers.  Was our testing a double blind scientific fda approved test?  absolutely not but our results were conclusive enough to convince us of the effectiveness of the derma roller.  The simple reasoning behind micro-needling is that by rolling hundreds of tiny, blunt needles up and down your skin the needles will cause just enough trauma to the skin to stimulate collagen.

Some of the rollers we tried were sharp and painful while others almost caused us to shed blood due to their length.  But once we found the appropriate roller the thing we loved was that after extended and consistent use we noticed that our skin was more even toned, glowing and smooth.  We read many reviews online by people who used the derma roller to reduce acne scars and stretch marks.  We admit we didn’t test the derma roller on these two things because we don’t have acne scars or much in the way of stretch marks, but after looking at results and reading reviews on well regarded medical sites we were convinced that the derma roller is quite effective on these areas.

One of the most important things we found was that the length of the needles must be long enough to stimulate collagen but not long enough to pierce the skin or cause damage.  After much trial and error we finally found a needle length that is just beyond the minimum needed for collagen stimulation. The needle length can be longer if the derma roller is used on body skin such as the buttocks, chest area, thighs or back of hands.  We read several reviews where people who had deep acne scars used longer needles and got great results. Once again, we can’t speak from personal experience here but if you do have deep acne scars you may want to consult with your dermatologist before proceeding with a roller.

At the end of all our testing we loved the derma roller so much that we decided to add it to our product line.  We selected what we found to be the most effective, but least painful needle lengths.  If you give it a try please remember to take pictures and be patient and consistent.  It may take up to 60 days or more to see visible results.

There have been studies to confirm that Dermarolling can actually help topical medications penetrate more efficiently.  Approximately 4-8% of facial serums actually penetrate your skin.  Doctors have also pointed out that you shouldn’t use the derma roller if you have a skin condition like acne or rosacea.  If your acne is current don’t use the derma roller but if you are trying to reduce acne scars the roller can be very effective.

1 – Does the derma roller help reduce age spots and acne scars?


Yes, it can help lighten age spots although they may not entirely disappear as they are deep beneath the skin.  It also works well for acne scars, especially used in combination with a serum that contains peptides and retnoil. The double headed derma roller works well because you can use the larger head on the backs of hands as well as the chest area. This is what one happy roller had to say:

“So far it has been a few weeks since I got the derma-roller and used it. I will tell you this now, it really depends on your pain level. First, I followed ALL instructions and prepped my skin, then I used the roller on my face. It did not seem to hurt or pinch, but let me tell you afterwards, it was very uncomfortable, seriously, I felt my skin tightening and tingling with the oil I put on my face afterwards. It will take time to get used to. But after all, my skin feels and looks great! It starts to be a bit tight and flaky, but that’s normal I think. When I wake up in the morning, I look in the mirror, boy does my skin and complexion look and feels fabulous! I recommend this product to anyone who had “rolling acne” scars. It looks much better too! “

2 – How often should I use the derma roller?

This varies for each user.  Let your skin be your guide.  Those with more sensitive skin will use it less often. We get great results using the derma roller once a week and sometimes a little bit more.  Make sure you use light but firm pressure. Never push to the point of bleeding.  If your skin is very sensitive you may only want to use it once per month.  The derma roller we recommend has .75 mm needles for the facial roller and 1mm needles for the larger body roller. You don’t want the needles to be longer than 1mm for the facial area as it is not necessary and is more painful and may cause bleeding. The skin on the body is thicker and the 1mm works well for body areas. The rejuvenation process takes place over time so be consistent and patient with your derma roller.  Most people will see some improvement within 60 days.

3 – What should I use after rolling?

We recommend using a vitamin c serum as well as a moisturizer that has hyaluronic acid.  The absorption of your skin care products will be much better after you have prepped the skin by using the roller.

4 – How do I care for the derma roller and keep it clean?

We have found the best way to clean the derma roller is to spray rubbing alcohol over the head when you are finished with each use.  After you have cleaned the derma roller make sure and store it in the case it comes with to keep it away from unwanted elements.  We recommend replacing the derma roller every 6-8 months if you are using it several times a week.

The Face Yoga Method derma roller stimulates collagen production by causing just enough trauma to the skin to cause it to produce collagen.  It basically promotes new tissue growth, and it does it very simply, with simple trauma.