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  1. Hi Fumiko!!

    With your 100 splash water facial wash, are you using warm, cool, or cold water???

    Thanks soooooo much!!!


  2. Hi Fumiko,
    I realized you didn’t use soap to clean your face. Does it mean you never use soap for your face?
    Is it bad to use soap to clean your face?

    1. Hi Joleen,
      I found that using soap strips my body of its natural healthy oils. So the skin reacts by producing oil in abundance. However this is simply a personal observation and does not apply to everyone. I encourage you to see how your own skin reacts to soaps as it may be beneficial and cleansing in your case.

  3. Hi Fumiko,

    I have whitehead problems on my chin area. I have been doing a research. I have two questions.
    1- You said coconut oil is not good for whitehead and blackheads?
    2- How does the routine go? Face wash, 100 splash, toner, and cream?

    1. Hi Yagmur, yes putting oil on an already oily face can make matters worse. My routine consists of cleansing, moisturizing and applying the serum.

  4. Hello Fumiko!
    Can you please tell at what point in your morning routine you apply a youghurt mask? At what moment of both evening and morning routines do you recommend to do excercises?
    Thank you so much for the answer in advance


  5. can you share where in your morning or night routine you do your facial ecercise and how much time do you devote to that daily?
    thank you!

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