A photo showing a flat female stomach from the side.

An Easy and Effective Ab Exercise Using Only a Wall

Our body is amazing, when it is in good condition it works like a dream but when it gets out of balance everything is affected including our face.  In my case, it was the car accident that affected my body so badly. As a result, my face got out of balance. 

Because I was T-boned from the right side, my hip was pushed to the left and because of that my shoulders got out of balance. Unexpectedly, my face started looking out of alignment.

I did this exercise as part of my recovery routine after the car accident.  Interestingly, one side of my hips was much tighter and I wasn’t able to move it evenly right after the accident.  I had a persistent pain on my right hip/back and it didn’t go away even after the massages or yoga classes.

The hip is called “ Koshi(腰)” in Japanese and its literal translation is ”the important part of the body.” I have launched several other hip exercise videos but this exercise is perfect if you feel your body is out of alignment or feel one side of the body is tighter the other.

When the body gets in perfect balance, many side sleepers start sleeping on their back. If you are a side sleeper and want to start sleeping on your back, you may want to try this routine as well.

It is such a simple and effective ab exercise so go try it and feel the changes in your body and eventually on your face!

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