Here’s the fun part! B School comes with extra Bs! In addition to the amazing education you will receive in Marie Forleo’s B School we have lined up some amazing bonuses to help you navigate the course:
Maria, our FYM business specialist, and Bianca, our tech genius (and the best virtual assistant we have ever hired!) will host a webinar to talk about getting the most out of your website. Our first FYM website was embarrassing compared to what we have now. I cringe to think about it. And maybe two years from now we’ll think the web site we have in 2015 is not so great compared to the 2017 version. We have come a long way, baby!
This webinar will focus on how to create a custom look for your web site. If you have an existing site, Maria and Bianca will be available to look at your site and offer advice on the fastest and most effective sources for generating the greatest amount of traffic to your site.
They will discuss optimizing social media (Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram) and employing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and how to make the best choices for your specific web site.
Maria has over five years experience consulting with small to medium-sized businesses gaining targeted web site traffic and lasering in on the best traffic solutions. This is a key factor in sharing your passion with the world.

But you can’t have ours! Her name is Bianca, she lives in Portugal, and she is amazing!
In this one hour webinar we will guide you through knowing when it is time to hire a virtual assistant. Hiring someone you’ve never met and possibly may never meet can seem intimidating, especially if you’ve never had an employee before. Meet Bianca (starts with a B!) and let us demystify the experience.
We’ll also discuss the benefits of having a virtual assistant, and how to hire this mysterious person who will share your virtual workspace.
In fact, just this past week we hired an amazing full time assistant for our virtual assistant! Her name is Silvina and she lives in Argentina.
Crazy? No. A sign of the future? Yes.
We were ready to scale our business to the next level and virtual assistants are like internet tech angels.
When we ramped up our online business, I had some limiting ideas about what we could spend on outsourcing. Had I known then what I know now, I definitely would have outsourced sooner. We’ll help you understand when the time is right for you.
How to hire a virtual assistant – Maria has hired over 10 VA’s in the course of the past 3 years and she has it down to a system. She finally hired her dream VA and will go over exactly how to do that.
1 – Which countries to hire from
2 – How much to pay your VA
3 – What to expect from your VA
4 – How to find your VA
5 – How to communicate with your VA
6 – How to quickly vet a new VA so you don’t waste time

We will also introduce you to some amazing, FREE, online tools that are essential to keep your information organized and safe, and will help you communicate effectively while working in the online world.

Fumiko will host a one hour Q & A and answer any questions you may have for her about the Face Yoga Method, her experience with B School, how she makes that cute, tiny sushi for her daughter, Nina!
You ask, Fumiko will answer!
Fumiko will also show you some basic Face Yoga Method poses that will change your face instantly, as well as some of her signature poses that changed her face and her life!
Don’t miss this Q&A, Fumiko will be online and ready to connect with you!
Yes. I did say free membership to the Face Yoga Method. We believe in B School so much that we are offering you a free lifetime membership when you sign up for Marie Forleo’s B School. Now you can Change Your Face, Change Your Life at the same time you Make Money, and Change the World.
Three years into our online business, I speak from experience when I say, questions always come up that you cannot anticipate until you start implementing something new.
So let me ask you a question, did anyone ever teach you how to work? I don’t mean what to do, or when to do it, but how to do it? I have some game changing strategies for you.
Once you start your online empire and dig into B School, things will start percolating and your business will start growing. No matter how things are going, a few months in to the B School training and implementation, you will want a second or third pair of eyes to take a at your burgeoning business and give their perspective.

It can be very daunting to get your online business up and running – Hilary is here to simplify the process and make it profitable.

Our good friend, coach Hilary Andersen, has generously offered to help kick-start your B School journey with some one-on-one coaching. Hilary’s coaching is all about getting results. As a B School alum, she knows B School is going to give you the most amazing foundation to build your online business.

She also knows the online world can be daunting – after years of working to figure out her own online specialty, she finally has complete clarity on what really works when it comes to creating and growing your online business. In her coaching program, she helps her clients package their knowledge into high-end programs and get them up and running in 8 weeks or less. A recent client of Hilary’s signed up 10 people to her $1,500 group coaching program in just one week. Ask someone who was used to charging $100 an hour for her time, this was a huge shift in her business.

Hilary would like to help you see how you can make that kind of transformation in your business. As a B School bonus Hilary will set up a one hour strategy call to help you get complete clarity around what your dream business looks like and how you can implement it. Her goal is to help you get the most out of B School, and take your business to the next level, quickly.


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