Photo showing Fumiko Takatsu showing Face Yoga moves to a class of students.

The Secret Behind My Success As A Face Yoga Teacher

When I was a school teacher I used to hear my heart’s narrative telling me that I could do more- that I could help more.

Our deepest desires and the purpose behind what we do, often reveal themselves during the in-between moments of our day.

Sometimes this voice is LOUD, other times it’s a gentle hum.

Do not neglect yourself!

Trust me, I’ve been there. I know what you hear when you have a steady job but you still hear that voice telling you that you are destined for something more.

What I didn’t know, was what to do with this dialogue.

I thought a steady paycheck was all I could expect from a career. But when I started to listen I realized I was neglecting major parts of what makes me – me!

I wanted to travel, to study people, places, and things in worlds unknown…. Then, just as I was entering a major turning point in my life, my perfect career revealed itself.

I want you to know that it’s OK to be scared and it’s more than OK to take a risk. You are on your way to your desired path right now.

That may sound intimidating, and I’ll be honest with you, it’s gonna take some work, but today I challenge you to just take a moment and listen to your heart’s narrative instead of tuning it out.

Let’s empower ourselves right now, together!

Take a moment to think about something you’ve really been wanting to do but haven’t taken an action on yet. Write down what you hear. Pick a few of the common themes you are hearing.

Read about powerful career transformations in the Face Yoga community HERE!

If you have been dreaming of a life of freedom, stability, and influence,  I want you to know that I believe in you and I have a FREE 4 PART VIDEO SERIES to help discover and unlock your potential and share it with the world!

Together over the next few days, I will show you what listening to your heart’s passion, creating work-life balance, and making a living doing what you love can look like, plus a bulletproof plan to make it all happen.

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  3. This yoga group is so attractive to me ..mostly their fitness…and the way its has many types of exercises…inorder to stay fit ..As l am the one who is overweight.I really dislike it..I admire this group.

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