Comparison of before and after pictures of a Face Yogi, Catherine, after attending Face Toning Bootcamp. Showing her close-up photos.

The Before And After Of A Face Yogi

 Life is full of surprises — sometimes good, sometimes bad. But, no matter what it throws at us, the most important thing is to have valuable tools to overcome any obstacles and win! This is a story about one of our Face Yogis, Catherine, who after undergoing a mastectomy discovered our Face Toning Bootcamp that helped her regain physical and mental confidence, and start leading a more fulfilled and healthy life.

Catherine’s Story Before Becoming a Face Yogi

It was right before Christmas when Catherine received the diagnosis no woman wants to hear. Her doctors had confirmed that she had breast cancer and recommended that she would need chemo and radiation to treat it. As a mother and wife, Catherine was shocked by the diagnosis! After all, she has led a very healthy life thus far. 

She went into survival mode and protected her family by holding this painful secret within herself, until the New Year when she made the decision to have a mastectomy.

When reflecting on her “before” photo she said: “It shows how sad, broken and defeated I was” .

Catherine's Photo Before the Face Toning Bootcamp. A photo before becoming a Face Yogi.
Catherine Before the Face Toning Bootcamp

Finding About the Face Toning Bootcamp

Catherine continues: “[After the procedure] I lost a bit of mojo…I was walking a lot, but couldn’t do much else. I realized my face was changing because of the position I was [laying] in….I felt negative because when looked in the mirror I didn’t recognize myself, and it’s hard to keep going…”

Then, she came upon the Face Toning Bootcamp and felt inspired to regain her spirit and continue her path towards health and recovery both inside and out. She knew that she had to be careful with her body, which meant not doing much physically, but she could focus on her face. Here is where she had our digital detox to help her with.

Life “After” as a Face Yogi

Catherine’s strength, outlook, and story captured hearts on the Face Yogi community, and inspired so many of us. And my win is what she humbly repeated during our call – that the training helped her in the recovery and that I was an inspiration to her!

“You build us up from the inside. So many times I read the comment about glowing. And I think that glow is a light from the inside and it comes out of you. Because if you are not happy inside, you are not going to glow in the same way.”

Catherine's Photo After Participating in the Face Toning Bootcamp - an after photo of a Face Yogi.
Catherine After Participating in the Face Toning Bootcamp

“I’ve been put back on my feet. I’ve found my inner glow, I found my sparkle, and I feel like me again!”

When she shared her photos side-by-side, she said that people honestly thought the she edited them, and added: “The sad person you see in the first photo is who we were. And the after looks different because we can’t help but let the joy out and feel happy and feel confident!” And she has absolutely nailed what my teachings are all about!

To All the Future Face Yogis – Believe in Your Beauty

Many of us are fixated on one thing or another on our face. Majority of the time, women start my programs and they cannot even say “I love myself” out loud. They are unable to look beyond their ‘imperfections’ and see how incredible they are. And this is what my mission is.

I want women to not just know, but to believe in their beauty.

Uncovering that is not hard, but it does take work and practice, and that is why we show up every day and do our practice, why I assign things like “digital detox” and visualization. We have to turn off the negative voices we hear and tune in to our power as women.

Catherine’s Remarks on the Assignments in the Bootcamp

“Especially as women, we can be very hard on ourselves. And just taking the time to appreciate ourselves, and walk and read, and take some time for us. It’s nice to distance yourself from social media and the false perfection and focus inwards.”

Ultimately by the end of the 6-Week Face Toning Bootcamp, Catherine experienced a complete uplift and received an invaluable gift: she loves herself again.

“You guys have given me back my mojo. You are so nurturing and so supportive. It’s been what I needed!”

Join the 6 Weeks Face Toning Bootcamp invitation message.
Join the 6 Weeks Face Toning Bootcamp

Join Catherine and others like her in The Face Toning Bootcamp!

Now it is your turn to embrace the lifestyle of a Face Yogi, put your best face forward and experience the transformation for yourself.
I am looking for women who are ready to love themselves again, just as Catherine and thousands of others have so I am sweetening the deal and am offering a $100 discount to those who join us before June 1st!

Over 2,000 women and I are starting Bootcamp together on JUNE 1st, and I look forward to seeing your name on the list.

We are taking pro-aging to the masses, feel free to share this post with a friend so they can join us too!

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  1. I see a part of me on Catherine’s face! The before and after effects of a happy, smiling face full of energy, enthusiasm, joy and gusto to live and make others happy reflected. Compared to the after effects of a worried look, stress, anxiety contentment, yet proud to have survived the worst aspects in LIFE, with the boost and exhilaration to overcome in anticipation the nightmare of depression replacing it with fulfillment and excitement and happiness once again. Mind over Matter! “Shared sorrow is half of a sorrow! Shared joy is a double joy.” The expression reflected on the face reveals the inner thoughts.

  2. It sounds fabulous, I’m retired and on a fixed income and the expense is more than I would spend.
    I however have been doing what you suggested on the introduction level and noticed a difference. I will share this.

  3. Hello, I already purchased the face toning boot camp one month ago. I thought I would have a lifetime access . I didn’t finished it. Now with this update I don’t know if I will still have access to it.
    Thank you

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