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Bika grace


Languages: English

My name is Bika Grace and I am Certified Sculptural Face Lifting Specialist, Certified Face Yoga teacher and Natural Aesthetic Specialist. I am passionate about natural rejuvenation methods, treatments which combine the power of nature with latest advances in science and medicine that stimulate natural healing process. I am passionate about sharing the story of my journey with others who may wish to explore natural rejuvenation and healing methods for themselves.
Joanne Rens
South Africa

Languages: English

Hi, my name is Jo and I am a very grateful 56 year old. Neck lines have disappeared, improved jawline, lips are fuller and crows feet are being pushed out! I feel huge gratitude for ‘The Face Yoga Method’ and their powerful team that supported me all the way. I love sharing this new found skill in the form of private feedback sessions, Skype session and workshops. I invite you to my FB page: ‘ Face It Holistically’. My self help program, allows you to take a holistic approach to your face, body, unconscious habits as well as your mental and emotional state of mind. To take responsibility for who we are and what we do is a powerful and empowering. With Gratitude & Respect Jo
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Damira Golubic

Languages: English

My name Damira Golubic, born in 1975 in Zagreb, Croatia. I am full time marketing professional, mother of two boys and yoga lover, currently living in Nairobi, Kenya. Skin routine has been embedded in my life since early years. Yoga came into my life when I turned 42 and now I am delighted to be a part of this next level of anti-aging movement. Since May 2018 I am a certified Face Yoga Method teacher, certified by Fumiko Takatsu, Face Yoga Method LCC.
If you are a busy woman, over 35y, you started seeing some signs of aging but you are confused on what to do, you would like to slow down the aging process but radical methods seem scary, face yoga would be a perfect choice. My classes are fun yet powerful with a mission to teach you how to do the poses correctly and how to embed facial exercise in your daily routine. Once you know how to do the poses correctly, you can practice anywhere anytime. I do one-on-one classes or small groups of up to four students (bring your besties along) or we could do Skype if it works better with your schedule. Let’s stay beautiful together!
Ina Retzbach

South Africa, Pretoria

Languages: English, German

Please contact me via e-mail for a holistic approach to a more beautiful you.

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