I am a strong believer in cycles. I believe everything has a cycle. Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring and then the cycle repeats like clockwork.

When I have a bad day, I always tell myself that tomorrow will be a great day. Nothing stays the same.

There are days that my skin looks great and there are days it doesn’t look so great even when my diet and skin care routine haven’t changed.

Your skin is constantly changing. Our skin in the largest organ of our body and its surface is always flaking or washing off even if you cannot see it with your eyes. The old skin cells are replaced by new cells and this cycle of cell replacement takes about 28 days.

This is the idea behind my 28 Day Jump Starts for 9 areas of the face;

  • Face Yoga Method Jump Start
  • Nasolabial Folds Jump Start
  • Symmetrical Eyes Jump Start
  • Symmetrical Mouth Jump Start
  • Droopy Eye Lids Jump Start
  • Mouth and Lip Area Jump Start
  • Eye Area, Forehead Area Jump Start
  • And the 28 Day Challenge for Neck and Jawline area

(If you are interested and have not tried them, come and join me the Face Yoga Method Membership)

I am, happy to have a 21 Day skin detox guide from Annmarie Gianni. I found her when I was looking for some natural skin care products, especially a good sunscreen, a few years ago. I know the importance of sunscreen but also know the harm of all the chemicals many sunscreens contain. Now her sunscreen, “Sun Love” is my best friend!! It not only protects my skin, it makes my skin look great without make up on.

Annmarie’s “Skin Detox – A 21 Day Jumpstart to Radically Beautiful Skin” EBook contains all the things you want to try for 21 days to get great skin and feel great. You can just follow the program for 21 days with what do to/not to do, what to eat/not to eat and many more. Her EBook also contains great recipes for better skin! It is a great way to build a solid foundation for healthy, radiant skin!

I am going to do the second round of “Skin Detox” using Annmarie’s “Skin Dexot” ebook starting this week so come and join me!

You can get “The Skin Detox – A 21 Day Jumpstart to Radically Beautiful Skin” EBook for free when you order her sample kit (which is also a great product to try).

Give it a try for 21 days and transform your face and life from inside out.