A women dressed in black sitting with eyes closed and practicing mediation.

Dive Deeper & Discover What This Practice Can Do For You

Never has it been more clear to me that it is our mindset, ambitions, and dedication that cause a chain reaction in our lives. 

You see, this week was the first time ever that our Teacher Certification Course sold out, what’s more, it happened weeks before the course even begins! 

And while I’m not surprised that it filled up, I am immeasurably honored and humbled by the entire process of the Teacher Certification Course and the students that trust not only in me but in their own abilities. 

The women in this course are ready to manifest their dreams, to look and feel their best, and to promote this pro-age movement with their communities and loved ones. Plus, they are going to carry my legacy and all of its lessons on through their own clients. 

One by one we are changing the way people look and feel about aging! 

We are on a mission to empower women of all ages with tools, honesty, and tribe-like support, and we want you on this journey with us too! 

Even if you’re here just for your own personal practice and to better yourself, I know it can be hard to trust. I see first-hand how in today’s market it can be difficult to decipher what’s real and what’s manufactured. Who’s been paid to promote a product and what really works….

But inside our Face Yogi community, there’s no question that the stories, lives, and the results are real and I’m so happy you’re on this journey with me! 

It’s my guarantee to you that I’ll continue releasing the best content and bring out the best in you, all you need to do is open your mind and be willing to try. 

Can you do that?

If so, you’ll unlock a deeper understanding, appreciation, and respect for who you are and the beautiful process of age. I’ll support you every step of the way and that you’ll always be warmly accepted by your Face Yogi peers. 

Let’s start with the most important part of your success – mindset.

Here’s a simple meditation practice and visualization that you can easily incorporate with your Face Yoga practice:

I incorporate meditation into my self-care because: 

When we open our hearts to embrace ourselves of the unique beings that we are… 
When we set our eyes on limitless possibilities…
When we break down barriers we’ve built up our whole lives…
When we choose to believe that we have everything we need and that life is full of abundance…

Then we can truly be free, happy, and empowered! 

So when you’re practicing your Face Yoga Method, I want you to visualize yourself happier, healthier, and more radiant and trust that soon, it will be a reality! 

If that’s hard for you, it’s ok! It gets easier with practice and you can also take comfort knowing that just simple changes in your posture and body language that you’re learning in your FYM lessons are actually changing the way your body communicates with your mind AND it’s sending signals to the world that you are beautiful, confident and happy. 

It’s proven that when we change our thoughts our brainwaves also change and this has an impact on our actions and even the events in our lives! 

So when you go through your day with brightness and smile that is coming from somewhere within – that is a light people will gravitate towards and it’s going to change your life. 

Personally, my daily meditation practices have changed my life…

My life has become so much simpler and clearer. 
I appreciate things more. 
I feel happier. 
I am calmer and more prepared to handle challenges. 

I’d love to know your reactions and first impressions of it too, so let me know in the comments: 

What do you want to manifest for yourself? 
How do you want to look? 
How do you want to feel? 

Give it a try! Dive deeper and discover what this practice can do for you…

PS: Love this exercise? You can find guided meditations inside the Face Toning Bootcamp!