I’m Celebrating My Biggest Gift!

It’s my birthday which is a time when I reflect and share gratitude for all of the gifts in my life. 

For the gift of feeling this happy and healthy in my 50s. 

For the incredible career, I get to share with you, Face Yogi. 

For my family and friends who are my rock. 

And so many more….

Today I want to focus my gratitude on my greatest gift of all, my daughter Nina. 

A girl in a purple coat sitting next to a white dog. Fall background.

You may have read some of my past blogs or seen her in my social media posts, she is a very special girl who has been one of my greatest teachers. She is confident, hilarious, charismatic and oh so sweet.

She has made my lessons as a mother so clear and so deep, that it’s impossible to ignore the transformational power of her role as my daughter. 

It wasn’t always so easy. When we first heard that our baby has Down Syndrome while I was pregnant, we took the news hard. 

We didn’t know what to expect, what this meant for our baby or for us- it was all a big shock and so unknown. 

But I owe a great deal of credit to Down Syndrome Information Alliance (DSIA)  who has been such a valued resource to my family. They are a tremendous resource for families with Down Syndrome and gave us the resources and support we needed to help us transition to parenting a child with this condition. 

That’s why this month for my birthday, I am matching all donations for DSIA made by the FYM community! 

DSIA provides support and resources to empower individuals with Down syndrome, their families, and our community and for our family, it continues to be a gift that keeps on giving. Not just for me and my family, but for thousands of other families with Down Syndrome. 

You can make your tax-deductible donation in Nina’s name with the link below, and I’ll match it! 

This means your donation will go twice as far. 

Thank you for reading about Nina, and for your support of DSIA. It is such a gift to me on my birthday this year! 

You can read more about Nina here, or about my journey with motherhood here.

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  1. My son is now 40 born at Cedars Sinai in Los Angeles Ca I was told nothing until the 8 wk official results came in “your son has Downs Syndrome and was given an old book to look at and was advised to put him in an Institution! I fired my dr and did all the leg work to find support I found it thru Inland Regional and suffice to say my son has been a blessing special gift for me! With never ending advocacy which has made me very strong. A single strong independent mother.

    1. Sweet Yvonne,

      Thank you for sharing your story. I am so thankful and blessed to have brave and committed fighters like you in my community!

      With love,

  2. Happy Birthday Fumiko!
    As a parent of a son with autism I understand the importance of helping others.
    Thank you Nina for sharing your story.

  3. Happy birthday! What a beautiful family you are. Such a precious gift she must be. Bless you for doing the match, it’s so good to do for others when others have done so much for you.

  4. Today is the first time I met Nina. Today is the first time I felt this very special connection with you Fumiko, as another mom of a child with special needs. Thank you for sharing this email and your story.
    Nina is beautiful.

    Warmest regards

    1. Dear Christina,

      Thank you so much! Your words warmed my heart. Sending strength and an abundance of hugs to you and your family! <3


  5. Happy Birthday ,

    I was moved by your story.
    I’m portuguese and I’ve friends who had a sonwith Down Syndrome. They are not sad at all, but thankful and blessesd with that particular and wonderful human sensitive child. He has changed their hearts, perceptions, and life for ever.
    Thank you for sharinf«g your story.

    1. Sweet Ivone,

      Greetings for Portugal! Thank you for sharing your friends’ story. I believe that they have a wonderful life with their precious child!


  6. Happy birthday Fumiko and congratulations for you darling little girl. She is beautiful and like to have parents like you.
    Give her a big hug and kiss from me

  7. You are wonderful and strong person Fumiko. I can’t stop admire your personality. Happy Birthday and many happy returns!!

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