The Best Face Exercise To Get Rid Of A Double Chin

A common misconception about aging skin is that it is only from age alone. 

One of the reasons I created the Face Yoga Method was to offer a combined program of body poses and facial exercises. I truly believe that OUR POSTURE INFLUENCES THE WAY OUR FACE LOOKS. 

It has become the second nature to me to check people’s posture and facial expressions – because they’re so connected.

I can’t help myself! It’s so fascinating! 

One thing I have noticed is that recently more and more people, especially YOUNGER PEOPLE  are getting a double chin. And my mind immediately jumped to, well, how are they living their day? How are they holding their bodies? 

One of the main differences in culture now is texting! We all spend so much more time looking DOWN at screens which is causing our necklines to drop and hang down too.

But it is not only looking at our phones that’s creating the problems. It is also the way we are watching TV or reading a book. All of these activities have in common bad posture while looking down and causing your chin skin to sag.

Comparison of a bad posture- head down, that is causing double chin and a good posture - head up, that helps getting rid or preventing double chin and neck skin sagging.

Now, while you could start holding your phone, book or TV stand higher (and you should!), what if you’re already seeing a drop in your neck and jawline, or noticing chin fat?

This means that you are probably looking for solutions that will help you get rid of double chin and at the same time tighten your neck skin.

For that, I have come up with a couple of simple double chin exercises that you can do anywhere! In fact, they’re SO EASY, I recommend you do it while you are in bathroom!

I know that this may sound odd, but think about it, you are in there anyway, it’s private, there’s no need to feel silly, and you can maximize your time! 

To see the easy exercises for tightening up a double chin, watch this video!

– Open your chest and shoulders
– Make sure that you are breathing properly
– Relax your forehead
– Always stop if you are feeling any pain or discomfort
– Enjoy the poses!

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