How She Sets Herself Apart As A Certified Face Yoga Method Teacher

For Certified Face Yoga Method Teacher, Viktorija, her certification was “a first step for me to get out there, to follow my dreams, my goals, my passion.” 

In 2019 she received her first interview request about eating Raw and a healthy lifestyle. Then life snowballed for Certified Face Yoga Method Teacher, Viktorija when “some journalist wanted to know more about Face Yoga. So I did end up in the radio station giving an interview about Face Yoga. The last interview is in the biggest newspaper for this region and it was published the last weekend of 2019!”

“That was an amazing ending of 2019!!! I feel very blessed, and happy!!! People want to change their habits, and want a better lifestyle.”

The more Viktorija teaches, the more she is discovering a niche and a special offer for her clients: the connection between what we eat and how the food “expresses itself in the face”.

She says, “I could look 10 years younger or older, depending on the food I consume.”

One woman standing at a table and smiling while teaching a class of 5 other women sitting at the table.

I’m always so touched as if my Teacher Certification Course graduates are my own children when I see and hear of their success. 

Viktorija wrote to me and said: 

“All this success I owe to you! <3 !!!
You are giving such positive energy to all of us!
You are believing in us!!!
You are reshaping us!!
Reminding us who we really are!!!
Your love for others is the biggest example for me!
You are making this world a better place!
Thank you for believing in me…for giving me a chance to help others, which is my biggest goal!!! Thank you for your knowledge, and especially for your loving heart!!! <3 <3 <3”

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Viktorija teaches Face Yoga online, and one on one, and in groups. You can follow Viktorija and her business, Face Yoga For You, here.