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You’ve Never Had A Friend Like Me

Recently Nina was playing dress-up in her Aladdin costume, and she asked me if I would wish to be a prince like Aladdin if I could have any wish from a Genie.

In the story, Aladdin thought that changing his outward appearance would make princess Jasmine fall in love and marry him, so he asked Genie to grant this wish for him. But the more he hid beneath the facade of “prince” outside, the more he lost sight of who he was inside.

I told Nina that it is what’s inside that is most important, and it made me think of my dedication to you, Face Yogi…

I’ve dedicated nearly half of my life to helping women and men embrace aging, restore their love for themselves, and take beauty into their own hands – but the truth is, you have to want it.

Yes, you want to change how you look, I get that. 

It’s hard waking up in the morning and seeing what years of living have done to your face. 

It’s hard feeling alone and wanting to hide from the world because you don’t look or feel like you want to.

It’s hard feeling limited by your options when it comes to your body and face.

But I can turn this all around for you, with my Three Face Yoga Secrets!

Consider me your ‘Genie’, if you wish to… 

1 – Look as young as you still feel inside.

2 – Use 100% natural, painless, risk-free techniques to work with your body to put your best face forward.

3 – Be surrounded by others like you who will lift you up and help you stay on your path of success and finding love for yourself.

Still not convinced? 

Let me ask you, can your skincare do this: 

  • Improve oxygen, blood flow, and deliver essential nutrients to your face to create a glow
  • Work the muscles of your face to lift and ‘fill’ wrinkles from below the skin
  • Use the breath to relieve tension, headaches, and create a healthy lifestyle
  • Naturally, lift sagging jowls and double chin
  • Vanish 11-lines , frown lines, crows feet, double chin and more…
  • Create a beautiful and symmetrical smile
  • Take years off your face in less than 2 months…

I have a fool-proof method that works for every face, every time. I have techniques that only take a few minutes of your day and guarantee results…

But the catch is, you have to be ready to do a little work. 

So, do you trust me to show you a whole new world? 

I’m going to reveal the 3 Secrets of Face Yoga that you’ll wish you knew sooner and show you how YOU can get started with the leading anti-wrinkle program in the world!

Don’t you dare close your eyes! 
From way up here, it’s crystal clear, now you’re in a whole new world…

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    1. Hey Crystal,
      Thanks for the question! 🙂

      The Community (in which the 6 weeks bootcamp takes place) is loads of fun and super positive! It has proven to be a wonderful resource for the Bootcampers, so without hesitation I would invite you to join us so we can all have fun together!

      Best wishes,

  1. Dear Fumiko,

    I have taken your laugh at those laugh lines course. I have not finished it yet but started to see some positive and promising results. ☺️
    I want to ask you sth about migraine. Do you have any suggestions for migraine? Before and/or during my period I have migraine each month for so many years. It is very tiresome, can’t do my daily activities, can’t eat or sleep properly. It effects left or right eye. Pain-killers, acupuncture and many other treatments did not work for me. I even tried botox. But because the pain stems from the eyes, no injection can be made in or underneath the eye brows The injections can only be made to the skull, the forehead and sides of the eyes.Thus, it does not help. I thought may be you have an alternative suggestion. Thank you,

    1. Hi Selen,
      I am so sorry to hear that you’re experiencing migraines. I have an exercise that helps reducing headaches or any fatigue around the eye area; it also can reduce sinus problems, bloodshot eyes, or even stress which all show up on our face. It’s called the Acupressure Push and here is the link to the blogpost where you can read more about it and also how to do it: https://faceyogamethod.com/how-to-do-acupressure-push-for-instant-headache-and-eye-relief/.

      Please, let me know how it worked for you!

      Wishing you an instant relief,

    1. Hi Leila,
      I am pretty positive that you will see the results even if you live in an area with hot weather. Plenty of our Face Yogis and Face Yoga Method teachers work and live in similar environments (such as Africa or Middle East) and they are showing awesome results!

      Come join us so we can share the fun!


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