Photo of Fumiko Takatsu sitting in the bathtub and reading the Ultimate Guide To The Face Yoga Method Book

Scroll Through Your News Feed OR Take 10 Years Off Your Face…

What do you usually do when you’re “doing your business”?
No seriously, I’m not just talking about this because it’s April Fools Day… You can’t tell me you would rather spend time in the bathroom losing your precious time on scrolling through your Facebook news feed (can you say double chin?) versus erasing 10 years off your face?

My team used to make fun of me for saying the best place to do Face Yoga is in the bathroom… You can help me put the joke on them when you get your copy today, and help me sell it out!

Fumiko in the bathroom reading the Ultimate Guide to the Face Yoga Method
Face Yoga in the bathroom? Great idea for sure!

When I say EVERYONE has time for Face Yoga, I mean it!

If you go to the bathroom, you have time for Face Yoga practice! Keep my Ultimate Guide To The Face Yoga Method there, and you are about to maximize your time!
Everyone can benefit from having The Ultimate Guide To The Face Yoga Method in their bathroom! Your husband, mother-in-law and even kids are going to thank you for the new bathroom read….

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  1. Face yoga is really intresting to see and much more fun to do.. I really appriciate you and your whole team.. I m from india and i wish to see you doing yoga live.. Thank you for sharing important tips.

  2. I love you guys! Thanks! I need to fix line under lips like a lift could i bw e-mailed these exercises or where can i find them?

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      Hi Donna! Customer support has just sent you an email regarding what to do for toning the lip area. Enjoy!

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      Hi Jenny! All of our programs are completely online based, meaning you can access them on your device of choice using wifi : ) We do not distribute CDs or DVDs.

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