Get Rid Of A Double Chin With The Face Yoga Method

A double chin is one of the biggest problems that I hear about, especially as we age. Fortunately our chins and necklines are one of the easiest areas on our face to firm up. Watch the video below with double chin exercises to learn a fast and easy way to firm up the chin area that only takes minutes a day. Try these double chin exercises and see the results!


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  1. hi how are you today? I hope your doing really good.. Uhmm I just checked my email and I was like this is a great double chin exercise ever I have seen and I tried it I really enjoyed its amazing and I really love it, you are such an amazing yoga trainer,Yes I will wait for your next video Im pretty sure that I will love it to the fullest..Thanks a lot ms fumiko you really help.. Once again thanks a lot Take care and more speed xo xoxoxo

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  3. People gain weight mostly after eating unhealthy foods that promote fat storage under the skin. Moreover, with aging, the metabolic processes tend to slow down and lesser amounts of fats are burned. The unburned fats then get collected under the skin surface in various parts of the body, including the face. Therefore, a minor problem of double chin can be tackled by minimizing the intake of calories. For this, you have to cut down the intake of sugars, carbohydrates and fats from your diet and include more fresh fruits, vegetables and proteins in it.

  4. Hi…i use to reduce my cheeks with face yoga method….also i have some fat on eye down….this could be major problem….also i want symmetric shape on my face

  5. Any thing for dark circles, puffed eyes?? I used to wear glasses and there is a permanent mark/wrinke on my upper cheek. Please help 🙁

  6. Fumiko you are great. Thank you. Am not a member yet, but I get some free short exercises, enough for beginning . Let me tell you I love it! Keep going , Fumiko .

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