When I was growing up in Japan, my mother had ginger roots in the fridge all the time! Ginger was one of the ingredients she never missed (well, almost) in her recipes. That tingly on the tongue and distinctive flavor added great tastes to my mother’s dishes. Now that I am living a more Westernized life style in the US, I am re-thinking and appreciating the power of ginger.

A Healthy Alternative To Coffee Do you need a cup of coffee to wake up every day? Do you need a cup of coffee in the afternoon as a pick-me-up drink? Every so often I drink a cup of green tea in the morning and I can feel the caffeine kick in and give me a jump start! However, I know the down side of caffeine and its negative effects on my skin, kidneys, adrenals, and blood pressure so I try to stay away from it.

Reasons To Drink Ginger Tea Including Weight Loss

Ginger can relieve the following symptoms:

  • stress
  • cold feet and hands
  • motion/morning sickness
  • fatigue
  • bloating

It also

  • supports digestion
  • improves blood circulation
  • boosts the metabolism (great news for those who want to lose weight!)

Like my mother, I use ginger for cooking very often. I add ginger to our diet whenever possible; adding to miso soup (which is another amazing food for your health and skin), to smoothies, salads, stir fry dishes, meat balls, pasta, fish dish and the lists goes on. Since it is mixed with other flavors, my daughter and husband are getting ginger benefits without knowing it!

How To Make Ginger Tea At HomeIt is not hard to make fresh ginger tea; all you need is a fresh ginger root. Like anything else, the fresher the better! You can make this tea and store it in the fridge up to a week.

Ginger Tea Recipe; (per serving)

  • About an inch of sliced ginger (peeled or grated)
  •  1½ cups of water (you can make concentrated ginger liquid and then dilute with hot water whenever you need it)

Boil in medium heat about 15 minutes. If you use grated ginger, strain the ginger. Your fresh ginger tea is ready! If you drink a cup of ginger tea after each meal, it can prevent bloating and support digestion. I like drinking a cup of ginger tea whenever I need some energy from inside the body!

Where To Get A Ginger And How To Store It

You can easily find ginger root at the Asian store or even at your local grocery store. If you can find an organic one, go for it! It tastes much better. You can also easily store it for months if you wrap it in a paper towel and put in an air-tight plastic bag. You can also use ginger powder for cooking. And if you do not have time to make fresh ginger tea, you can use a ginger tea bag. But like anything else, the fresher the better!

Alkaline Vs. Acidic

Black tea and coffee are acidic and ginger and green tea are alkaline. That is another reason I would recommend ginger tea (or green tea if you really need some caffeine).  To keep the body chemistry in balance it is very important for us to maintain our health and correction of disease. Please check the Food Ph Chart for more information. To keep your ginger tea as alkaline as possible, use alkaline sweeteners such as maple syrup or raw honey (not processed honey since it is acidic) as a sweetener!

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After you try it tell me in the comments what you think!