Photo of a woman with black hair surrounded by nature sitting and holding a blue posture band above her head. Fumiko Takatsu holding the MikoBand.

Happy Women’s Day With The MikoBand!

Face Yoga Method has a huge surprise to wish you a Happy Women’s Day with, it’s our newest product – the MikoBand!

Happy Women’s Day!

Today we celebrate women! Our moms, grand-moms, wives, sisters, aunts, cousins, colleagues. Everyone has a woman in their life, is a woman, knows a woman, works with a woman, lives next door to a woman. It is no surprise that the Face Yoga Method, although a practice that can be done by men as well, attracts a bigger women audience. Ever since we step foot into this world we are told we need to look a certain way, think a certain way, behave a certain way and we carry that belief throughout our lifetimes. I’m no exception. For the longest time I too had lived according to what everyone else thought I should be and do, I had the 9 to 5 job, the house, the group of friends, everything.

Breaking out of my own shell wasn’t easy. I swayed back and forth whenever I felt any kind of pressure, “I’m just making things hard on myself”, “Things are a certain way for a reason”. But you know what? Slowly but surely I got there. I started living to what brought me pleasure and gave my life meaning. That shift in thinking changed my life, it brought me to you.

Women are our bosses, our pilots, drivers, police, teachers, builders, doctors, just to name a few women. Women represent 51% of the population. Today the world celebrates you. Today, I celebrate you!

For all of the women out there I only have one message: “Love yourself.” YOU are the person that you will spend most time with. Holding onto anger, resentment, fear, self-doubt, is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.

Photo of a woman with black hair holding a blue posture band. Fumiko Takatsu holding the MikoBand.
Fumiko Takatsu with the MikoBand

Take Care of Your Body!

Your body is not you. You’re in it every day, it’s where you live, but your body is not you. You are your soul, your spirit, your mind. Problems arise when there’s a disconnect between your body and your mind, “I woke up one day and didn’t recognize the person looking back at me in the mirror”, it’s not vanity to want to look and feel your best, especially when those self-deprecating thoughts steal energy from the present. Face Yoga Method is not just about face exercises, it’s about empowerment, it’s about taking control over your face and life.

Keeping my mind and body in alignment is what is strive for every day and the reason I meditate and practice face and body exercises daily. You might be thinking “I don’t have the time for that” and I get it, there is a shortage of time in my neck of the woods as well, but believe it or not, on an average day I spend an hour combined doing the three. My secret? With the exception of meditation, instead of blocking out chunks of time, I insert exercises in my day to day activities. I practice face exercises while driving, cooking, cleaning and body exercises while I’m sitting at the computer, I correct my posture, do the torso rotation, I stretch whenever possible.

Introducing the MikoBand!

The whole concept behind the MikoBand came to me in an attempt to juggle as many things as possible, driving Nina to school, cooking, working, sneaking in some quality time with my husband. No matter how early in the day I would wake up exercising my body always felt at the bottom of the to do list.

I had always believed that in order for me to do body exercises I needed at least a half hour of complete uninterrupted “me time.” As we both know, time is a resource that is hard to come by. It is only when I started introducing body exercises into my daily activities that I realized that my whole notion of what it means to exercise your body was flawed. Over the years I tried over five different types of exercising bands and none of them did the trick for me. I wanted something that was thicker, wider and longer so that I could do a different variety of poses with it. That is how I came up with the perfect solution – my own posture band!

I’ve been working on this for the last two years and it’s finally here!

Give yourself the gift of self-care and have a happy Women’s Day!