Let’s face it, your face is going to change over the next five years.  The good news is that you can control how your face changes naturally.

I almost always tell my face yoga students and clients to check themselves in the mirror before starting face yoga exercises.  Unlike your body, in which you can tell right away if you are out of shape or have gained some weight, it is not easy to detect your aging objectively.  You see your face everyday and aging is often very gradual. Many of us are shocked when we see ourselves in photos and videos. Let’s do some exercises and look at yourself objectively.

How will you look five years from now?

  • Hold a mirror in front of your chest
  • Make sure the mirror is parallel to the floor
  • While breathing out, move your face gradually and look down into the mirror until your face is paralell to the mirror

This is how you might look in 5 years.  What do you see? How do you like it?

Too late to do face yoga?

If you didn’t like the way you looked in the mirror, don’t get discouraged. You can still exercise your face muscles and get the face you dream of. It is never too late to do face yoga. I have seen some of the best results in older people. You can practice face yoga anytime, anywhere. It does not require any tools or space. All you need is your face and a bit of motivation. I had a 93 year old woman who wanted to learn face yoga, and to my surprise, she did all the poses I showed her. It was a very special moment for me.

No time? No worries!

One of the beauties of the Face Yoga Method is its convenience.

I often hear people say they do not have time for themselves. I understand. I have a 2 year old daughter who is constantly demanding my attention. I make a lunch box for my husband who usually leaves for work around 6am.  I have working engagements in both Japan and the US and sometimes I have phone conferences at midnight or later. I don’t have much time to take care of myself but I can still do some face exercises while I am feeding my daughter, driving a car, and cooking dinner for the family. I still remember the very first time my daughter saw me doing face yoga exercises, she stopped drinking milk for a while and started crying very hard. Now she tries to imitate my face movements!

Visualization is one of the secrets of Face Yoga Method

There are many success stories of people who have used photos of their ideal body image for dieting inspiration. It is often reported that many professional athletes use visualization techniques as part of competition and training. There are also many stories of people who’ve used visualization techniques to achieve not only material success but also a sense of confidence and well-being. So why not use this technique on your face?

In general, visualization is the process of creating an image or intention of what you want to feel or happen. By imagining the face you want, either using your best photo from 5 years ago or from a magazine, you can step into the feelings of well-being. More research is showing that even though you may not be able to perform some of the face yoga poses, by using the mind and visualizing the movement of muscles the brain can be activated to simulate the actual movement!

The Face Yoga Method uses visualization techniques to intend physically and psychologically, it is well-being from the inside out!