Face Yoga – It was just an accident

Starting face yoga was just an accident but the timing was perfect for me.

When I started doing face exercises, I was 36 years old, single, working and living in one of the most exciting cities in the world; Tokyo, Japan. I was teaching at a women’s college. It was a nice job with a long vacation and I loved what I was doing.  I thought my life and my face would continue like that for a long, long time.

My face suddenly didn’t look as young as I thought.  I started noticing my age on my face. My skin was not smooth anymore. It took longer to get rid of the “pillow marks” in the morning. My facial skin looked dull. The face line was not sharp anymore and my upper eye lids started drooping so much that my eyes were getting smaller! All the signs of aging were showing up on my face!! I started looking at the mirror less and less.

I was getting concerned about my looks. I wanted to look younger (of course, who doesn’t?) so I started buying more expensive “anti-aging products” and getting facials more often. Sure, they worked fine but I felt it was a temporary solution.  To make it worse, I was involved in a deadly car accident while I was visiting California. As a result of the accident, my body posture got out of alignment. Surprisingly, my face became asymmetrical. One eye got bigger than the other and my eye brows were not the same height. I just did not like the way I looked. I felt my youthful days were over.

Looking around, I remarked that many of my friends were getting married and I was still single. I acted as if looks were not important for finding a partner. I was telling people that women are like wine and get better with age. Sure, I still believe that to be true but nonetheless I cared about how I looked. I missed the youthful look I had in my 20’s! I regretted the long sun bathing I indulged in when I was in my 20’s and early 30’s.

Use it or loose it!

One day, I was staring at myself in the mirror and almost accidentally started moving my face muscles. “Wow, the face has muscles” I said to myself.  I had been practicing yoga for a long time and I knew the benefit of it. So why not the face? I was feeling healthy and fit, thanks to my regular exercise, but I never paid attention to my face muscles. If you do not use your muscles, you lose them. If you practice yoga, you get results. The same can apply to the face. Traditional yoga is mentally and physically beneficial so why not yoga for the face? I started doing face exercises and results started showing up. People started asking me what I was doing and wanted to know more about it!

Change your face, change your life

I can honestly say that face yoga really changed my face and my life. My face is very symmetrical now. I am married to a wonderful husband whom I had known for 7 years as a friend and we have a beautiful baby girl who keeps us busy 24/7. So what changed his mind? How did friendship turn into romance and then marriage? I honestly do not know. But I can say that my life changed dramatically after practicing face yoga. I am not really afraid of getting older anymore. I do not get facials at the spa that often any more (I still love it, of course, but I just do not have the time these days!) At the age of 43, I feel more comfortable and happier with myself than when I was in my 20’s. I not only accept the way I look and the way I feel, I celebrate it.

The Face Yoga Method is not just yoga for your face but for your mental health. Your face is your life history. When you change your face, you can change your life. I Hope you enjoy your life journey with the Face Yoga Method.