Different from crow’s feet or forehead wrinkles which you pay more attention to, the nasolabial folds tend to be ignored until they really start to “show up.” Yes, they “show up” rather suddenly and you might wonder why saying “how did I get them so long and deep!?” Well, that was my case anyway.

Nasolabial folds start from the side of your nostrils and as we age they get longer and eventually can reach to the bottom of your face. The most common treatment is fillers. Fillers are an alternative to cosmetic surgery or the insertion of implants under the skin. The cost is significantly less but results are temporary.

Here is one pose you can do everyday. I say “everyday” since it does not take long. You can do it when you wash your face or when you apply moisturizer or make up. Most of us wash our face, right? So no more excuses not to do this pose. This pose not only reduces the nasolabial folds but also tones the lower part of the face, which also shows the age. I want to hear from you. Please add your questions and comments below so everyone can benefit.