Eyebrow muscle tension results from several situations:

  • extreme anger
  • extreme fear
  • extreme depression
  • extreme headaches
  • extreme concentration
  • extreme squinting

In general, eye brow muscles are used to express displeasure, worry, anger, discontent, discomfort and other negative emotions. If the “extremeness”or negative emotions last for a long time, that can cause lines between the eye brows. These lines are called “frown lines” or ” number 11 lines” and many people do not want to have these but not many know what these lines do to your mental health.

Several experiments have been done to find out what happens when people are forced to furrow their eyebrows and the results are very interesting. People with furrowed brows generate more negative emotion!  In short, if you have frown lines, your brain is telling you that you are not happy!

Shortest Cut To Mental and Physical Happiness
One of the reasons I believe in smiling is smiling makes you “happy” even when you are not!  Your brain notices you when you are smiling. Your eyebrows are relaxed and your brain “thinks” you are happy.

Let your eye brow muscles relax by contracting/resisting and exercising your eye brow muscles. By doing this you can improve your blood circulation in the eye brows so that not only can you prevent, decrease and diminish lines but you will look happier and younger! Your face is the first thing that people notice when they meet you.  When you are stressed and unhappy, it shows in your face.  When you are happy and content, it shows in your face.

In this video ” Frown Line Exercise 2, ” you will use your fingers and contract/resist and exercise the eye brow muscles.

You can combine the last week’s exercise with this for the best result.