I love painting and drawing. I used to paint and draw when I was a college student in Japan. At night, I spent hours when everybody in my family went to bed and I would work on my art project. It was so therapeutic. The next day, I always showed my finished project to my grandmother who was living with us. She was the best art critic for my projects.

She always found the best in all of my projects and praised them no matter what. Everybody needs praise once a while, right?  I remember one day when I was drawing the face of my grandmother I felt there was something missing in the drawing.  I added a couple of lines in the area between the nose and upper lip and instantly, the face in the drawing aged dramatically.  I was so shocked to see how much those simple lines could affect the way drawing looked.  The wrinkles around lips can be very aging. The next day, I did not show the drawing to my grandmother. I just did not want to make her feel sad and I did not want to draw attention to her age. She was a very beauty conscious person and I somehow knew that she would not appreciate the drawing.

The lines between the nose and upper lip are called “smoker lines” and you can get them as you age even if you are not a smoker.  My grandmother was not a smoker but she got those lines and she did not like them.  I wish I knew about face yoga back then so that my beauty conscious grandmother could have benefited. I know she would have done all the exercises every day!

Here is one pose you can try if you are concerned with “smoker lines”. By adding a body movement, you should feel more contraction in the area between the nose and upper lip. Even if you do not see the lines yet, try this pose to prevent “smoker lines” in the future.