As early as 10,000 BC in Egypt, both men and women lined their eyes and eyebrows. According to images from historical findings, the use of makeup was not limited to women. It was not only for cosmetic purposes but it was believed to reduce sun glare, and restore good eyesight and reduce eye infection.

Today, in many cultures people wear eye makeup for mainly cosmetic reasons. Eye makeup is fun!  You can do a lot with the different color eye shadows. Eye shadow adds dimension and depth to one’s eyes. It complements the eye color. It can draw attention to the eyes.

The Natural And Healthy Way To Remove Eye Makeup

The skin around the eyes is very delicate. You do not want to damage the skin. The eye area is one of the most common areas people want to change; reduce dark circles/fine lines. Eye makeup can “hide” some of the flaws but you have to remove the makeup at night, right?  So, here is my question. What do you use to remove eye makeup? Do you use store bought eye makeup remover? That is what I did, but I was not comfortable with the chemicals in the products. I looked for some natural eye makeup remover for a long time and finally found the perfect solution. Here is what I use.