How to Prevent Wrinkles Turn Gravity Upside Down

As many of you know already, gravity is pulling everything down even at this moment. Even if you are not aware, your face is affected by gravity. If you are not sure what I am saying, just take a look at yourself facing down in a mirror. Simply looking down the mirror, you can see your “future” face. That is gravity, pulling your face down.

There are face exercises you should practice regularly but there is also a simple daily habit you can develop to lift up your face. Just pay attention to your unconscious facial movements today and then read on because I am going to teach you how to prevent wrinkles.

How do you put on face cream? Sunscreen?

Most of us aren’t even aware of the movements we make when applying sunscreen or moisturizer but unconscious movements can really affect you in a negative way.

If you are putting on face cream by moving your hands in a downward motion, stop the movement right away. Physiologically, it is easier to move your hands downward, but for your face, that is not the best movement.

Here is the movement you can develop and practice every day. Indeed, this is going to be a great habit once you learn it and start doing it automatically.

By doing this, you can

  1. Lift up your face
  2. Feel uplifted
  3. Feel more confident

I do this in the morning when I put on my sunscreen, but you can do this anytime of the day even with make up on. It is amazing how this simple habit can affect the way you look and feel throughout the day.

Try it and let me know how much you love it!

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  1. Hello Fumiko.
    First of all I’d like to thank you for changing my life, because of your work I get more confidence than I could imagine. 🙂

    However I still have one thing in my face which I do need to eliminate- that’s “fat” above my eyebrows. When I was young I had round forehead but now my forehead become more flat. It makes eyebrows look MUCH bigger, also my temples look like they are sunken because all fat went down and stayed on my eyebrows… For me it’s a very big deal because I’m looking much older and tired than I really am.
    That’s the reason I’m asking for your help,if you only can,please help me to get rid of it.
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Jolene, you should have received an email to the same email address that the payment receipt was sent to. Please check your SPAM and PROMOTIONS folder for a separate email with your login credentials and program instructions. If you are still unable to locate the email, please send an email to so that we may check our records.

  2. HimFumiko
    It’s marvellous The exercise videos you sent for free are amazing I did them and I feel so “exercised “ in the face Did not imagine it would feel so good
    Thank you Fumiko
    Love Shameem

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