How To Reduce/Prevent Frown Lines From Your Face Forever

What Causes Frown Lines Between Your Eye Brows?
Aging and sun exposure can trigger the frown lines between your eye brows. Certain facial expressions, such as squinting, crying, concentrating, or being angry, can also cause these lines. Frown lines not only make you look older but they can make you look angry, mad or unhappy even you are not!

Secret Advice From My Mother
I owe my mother a lot because she saved my face from getting frown lines.  When I was younger and still living with my parents, my mother used to tell me, “you are frowning!” Even though I wasn’t mad, angry or unhappy, I was unconsciously frowning when I was talking.  But my mother always caught my habit of frowning. Now I am very aware of my facial expression, I can pretty much catch myself even with a slight frown on my face.  If I spend all day being mad, angry, unhappy, or sometimes very focused frown lines start to come back!

No More Frown Lines
Squinting, crying, concentrating, being mad; our eye brows are very busy throughout the day. Loosening up the eye brow muscles is one of the quickest ways to reduce and prevent frown lines. This exercise shows you how to loosen up the eye brow muscles by pulling them out and then relaxing. The best time to do this exercise is before going to bed. You do not want to go to bed with frown lines on your face!

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