Do you get headaches often? Are your shoulders tight? Do you have frozen shoulders? Do your eyes look tired?

If your answer(s) is/are “yes” it is very possible that you are frowning without realizing it!

That happened to me the other day. I was having a really bad headache which was very unusual. I also had very tight shoulders, too. My eyes looked so tired. I was not feeling well. I could see on my face that I was having a bad day. I did not even want to smile because of the headache. Even my husband noticed it and told me that I was frowning!

I do not usually frown. I train my face muscles consciously so that if I ever frown, I feel it right away. But that day when I had a headache, I had no idea why my face looked so tight and I was frowning. I went to get a massage to treat myself after hard working in front of computer. The massage therapist told me that my shoulders were very tight. He focused on my shoulder area when he gave me a massage. To my great surprise, after the massage, my headache was gone completely. My face looked so relaxed and my frown was gone!

How To End Unconscious Frowning
Our shoulders work so hard throughout the day. Working in front of computers, carrying babies, carrying grocery bags, etc. If you are putting a lot of stress on your shoulder area, you need to release the tension. By doing a simple shoulder rotation pose, you feel great, your shoulders relax and it shows on your face. If you are concerned with unconscious frowning, you might want to check your posture and see how your shoulders are feeling. Before you try expensive treatments or creams to stop your frown lines, try this pose. You will feel it from the inside out!

Can you feel the difference? Let me know your results in the comment section below.