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We all start somewhere. 

Having the confidence to step out into crowds, go in front of a camera and present yourself to millions, and starting from nothing is hardest at the beginning — and anyone who says otherwise is lying. 

But what’s even harder, is ignoring the voice inside, the voice of your passion, as you continue to sit in your comfort zone. 

I still get nervous sometimes in those tender moments just before I hit “record” on my phone before a live video on Social Media. I have moments of complete uncertainty where I second-guess myself right before a big launch in the company….  

So with all these mixed signals from our body — the heart that says one thing and the mind pulling in an opposite direction — how are we to know what move to make?  

Every great teacher has her secrets — and luckily for you, I’m going to share three Face Yoga expert secrets that are continuing to help a few hundred women achieve their highest potential and success every day!

Breaking through that barrier of doubt will reveal limitless possibilities, and the best part is, the more you do it, the easier it gets! 

Once a year I take a small number of students under my wing and teach them everything I know about being a Face Yoga expert, building a successful Face Yoga business, and mastering over 70 (and counting!) of my Face Yoga Method Poses.

But there are three secrets that make this Teacher Certification Course your proven blueprint to successfully and confidently teaching Face Yoga.   

Success Secret #1: Practice Makes Confidence

Does Face Yoga work? 

We can’t speak for other teachings out there, but our accredited Method certainly does! 

Before and after doing face yoga - comparison of a facial change
I have shared my result on my Facebook page, and I’m getting amazing feedback! I’m so excited to get certified and start sharing this incredible practice!!! ~Jennifer

If you’re already a Face Yogi, you know the full-body and mindset changes that are possible by Practicing the Face Yoga Method. You’ve seen and felt for yourself the power in this Method that this holistic Practice brings to your life. To be an expert in Face Yoga, you must first experience this impact first-hand. 

But if you’re a beginner to Face Yoga and haven’t established a solid foundation in this Method but you can see the potential in it — I’ve got you covered! 

The foundation of our Face Yoga Method Teacher Certification Course is in the diving DEEP of ALL my Face Yoga Method Poses, trying them on yourself, and using friends and family as test-students. Nothing will prepare you more than this hands-on approach to learning!

This is the only Face Yoga Course in the world with incorporated learning modules which dive deep into the facial anatomy and muscles and connect it to this holistic Method. 

It’s the proven SCIENCE behind the Face Yoga Method that makes it work every time. 

Learn more about MASTERING Face Yoga in my upcoming FREE Info Session!

Success Secret #2: How To Teach Safely And Effectively 

Once you radiate with the self-coined “Face Yoga Method Glow” from your lifestyle as a Face Yogi, you are ready to take the next step and teach others, buuuut maybe that’s the part that makes you the most nervous! 

A Facebook testimonial of a Face Yoga teacher, a graduate of the Face Yoga Method Teacher Certification Course.

You’re not alone, and as mentioned earlier, I’ve coached HUNDREDS of women on how to confidently lead their own Face Yoga workshops and classes (even if they’ve never taught a day in their life). 

That’s what the second Success Secret is all about!

Let me get real-real with you…

If you think your face needs to be “perfect” and blemish-free to be a Face Yoga Teacher… 

Or that you need a “perfect” business plan to be a successful business owner?

Drop that thought, let’s get real. 

I don’t have it all together. 

I’m still squeezing in Facebook lives from my car when Nina is home, I don’t always find time 7 days a week for self-care, and sometimes I go days without doing Face Yoga (yes — even me!) 

And still, I give tips and advice to hundreds of thousands of people every day on why they’re their #1 priority. 

I don’t think anyone would say I don’t deserve to teach or lead the way I do. 

In fact, it’s the realness and the struggle that makes me an even BETTER teacher. 

It’s not my perfection that has made me an excellent Coach and Face Yoga Teacher. 

It’s all the things I had to struggle with each and every day that shaped me into the compassionate and truly understanding teacher that I am. 

And you, you, with all of your imperfections and struggles can be an excellent teacher, too. 

You don’t have to step into teaching Face Yoga knowing every answer to every question. All you have to do is teach the Method that works. 

But, HOW you teach will not only make or break your client’s results, but it will make or break your SUCCESS teaching Face Yoga, which brings us to our third Success Secret…

Success Secret #3: How To Have clients Coming Back To YOU Again And Again 

The Face Yoga Method is synonymous with quality, safety, and success — and we are very proud and protective of that fact. This is why we only allow the best of the best, who have been PROPERLY trained by me to teach others this Method. 

A group of women holding a Face Yoga Method posture band and striking different poses.

I want to ensure not only your teaching knowledge, but your business prosperity. That’s why we offer the highest quality business and marketing Modules in the Teacher Certification Courses. We bring in experts in the industry to show you how to build your new Face Yoga business from the ground up once you’ve certified. 

We will show you step-by-step and top tips for getting clients into your class and coming back to Y.O.U again and again, so you can thrive in any economic climate as your own boss.

Some prospective students worry about competition. While we are confident our Method is heads and shoulders above other facial workout offerings, we also embrace a symbiotic “my success is your success” approach to marketing. 

We regularly showcase outstanding events and accomplishments of our Graduates, like Koko Hayashi, Susanne Dyer, and Vanamala Mayr-Reisch who continue to spread our life-changing Method.

A Facebook testimonial of a Face Yoga teacher, a graduate of the Face Yoga Method Teacher Certification Course. A Facebook testimonial of a Face Yoga teacher, a graduate of the Face Yoga Method Teacher Certification Course. A Facebook testimonial of a Face Yoga teacher, a graduate of the Face Yoga Method Teacher Certification Course. A Facebook testimonial of a Face Yoga teacher, a graduate of the Face Yoga Method Teacher Certification Course. A Facebook testimonial of a Face Yoga teacher, a graduate of the Face Yoga Method Teacher Certification Course. A car back window showing a Face Yoga business details. A Facebook testimonial of a Face Yoga teacher, a graduate of the Face Yoga Method Teacher Certification Course. People doing Face Yoga on a TV show.

Ready to MASTER Face Yoga and build a successful Face Yoga business in less than 6 months?! 

Join me for a FREE INFO SESSION where we dive deep into the only Teacher Certification Course that offers you built-in success secrets and allows you to teach the Face Yoga Method to others. 

In this Info Session we’ll cover: 

✅ Master FACE YOGA and confidently teach it!
✅ Become a leader in the PRO-AGING Revolution 
✅ Create a career centered around your DREAMS
✅ Build a successful BUSINESS from the ground up
✅ Live Q&A on your Face Yoga Teacher Certification Questions 

These secrets are going to change your life. Spots are limited, so be sure to

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  1. Hi Fumiko!

    I’m interested and excited to learn about, 3 Secrets to Master Face Yoga and Build A Successful Face Yoga Business! Thank you for this opportunity!

    With Warmest Regards, Karen Witherspoon

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