At Face Yoga Method we are always searching for natural anti-aging strategies.  In addition to Face Yoga we love sunblock, great skin care, pillows that prevent wrinkles and so much more and now we are adding dermarollers to the list. A derma roller is also known as microneedle roller because they are handheld facial rollers with hundreds of tiny needles.
At first description this may sound like a hand held torture device but I promise you it isn’t.  We have tried multiple microneedle rollers and some of them are a bit prickly but this one is just lovely.  So what is it for?

How Does The Dermaroller Work?

The derma roller works similar to the way that lasers work, except it is mechanical and not heat and light. According to some studies and anecdotal clinical claims, microneedling can help minimize scarring, decrease wrinkles, and reverse photo aging.  It has been called the poor man’s laser. We prefer calling it the  smart women’s secret weapon. When the derma roller is used it causes slight trauma to the skin.  Nothing to be worried about but enough to stimulate collagen growth. Collagen is that beauiful protein that keeps the skin looking so young and beautiful. We all start to lose it as we age so why not help ourselves produce some more? There are in office doctor treatments that are a more intense version of this at home procedure but they can be quite pricey at an average of $500 a visit. We are seeing results of more radiant and softer skin with this one so we are sticking to it. Take a look here to see how the dermaroller is used.

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