Introducing the NEW 100% Pure Oxygen Plasma

[Guest blog post by Maria, Fumiko’s sister in law and business partner]
Do you remember years ago, when it was first discovered (or advertised, I should say) that green tea has weight loss benefits?
It was the #1 conversation topic on everyone’s lips. TV ads, banners, magazines, celebrities. People who wouldn’t drink tea if their life depended on it became overnight tea connoisseurs, you just couldn’t get away.
Green tea extracts.
Green tea supplements.
Green tea powder.
Green tea weight loss pills.
Green tea in all forms, shapes and sizes.
And here I was, drinking green tea for as long as I can rememberoxygen-plasma-release, listening to everyone rave about it as if it was the newest scientific discovery, thinking “You could have just asked me…”
Green tea is now so deeply embedded in our Western cultural fiber that it’s immediately associated with weight loss. This one stuck. And with good reasons!
But how many other “discoveries” have you heard of in recent years that didn’t stick? Or, in other words, how many weight loss & wellness “fads” can you list, with little to no mental effort?
Here’s where I’m trying to go with all of this…
I used to be the typical “run to the store and get it” kind whenever a big skin care brand launched a new product. I’d use it a couple of times and then forget about it in the deep dark corners of my bathroom closet. I was stuck in this loop for years.
I’m in my 50’s now, and over the years I’ve learned to nurture a certain level of resistance to “discoveries” and a need to keep things simple. For the last 5-7 years or so, come hell or high water I always do these 3 things Every.Single.Day like clockwork: meditation, yoga and my skin care routine.
Most of the time, what the skin care industry does, is that it refurbishes known substances (ingredients) and packages them with a different ribbon every year, new packaging, new fragrances, new ways of applying. Coenzyme Q10 & other vitamins (A, B, C, E), resveratrol, retinol, AHA & BHA,  green tea (!!), aloe vera, fruit extracts, clay, and so on.

Now, we get sent and spend a great deal of time researching and testing new products, but after all is said and done, both Fumiko and I keep our skin care rituals very simple, mainly because we know that if we complicate it more than we should, We’ll give up and in the end we only sabotage ourselves as a result.
One of the reasons we keep our products line short is that face yoga truly is the backbone of any skin care routine, so advocating face exercises are our #1 priority. But also because we are incredibly careful with every new product we put out. We’re not scientists but we research and test for months before anything new makes the cut.
With this in mind I would like to announce our newest addition to the Face Yoga Method line, the 100% Pure Oxygen Plasma serum. Oxygen Plasma “mimics” the blood’s ability to carry oxygen and biologically active substances into cells. It transports huge volumes of oxygen to tissues and triggers formation of collagen and elastin for healthier and younger looking skin,  while also treating acne, rosacea and abnormal skin.
Make sure to watch short video where I talk about the serum and how I use it in my day to day skin care routine.

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