Change Your Face, Change Your Life in Only 28 Days!

What is the difference between the Face Yoga Method Program and the Face Yoga Method Jump Starts? The jump starts were created to solve one issue alone: asymmetrical eyes, droopy eyelids, forehead wrinkles and so on, while the Face Yoga Method Program contains: all of the jump starts, the modules, the routines, the 28 Day Challenge and the members-only webinars.

If you want to target more than just one area of your face, the Face Yoga Method Program is probably the best option, if, however, you are only interested in getting rid of a gummy smile for example, and nothing more, then a jump start could be what you are looking for.

Each jump start contains 28 Days of exercises where we will show you exactly what to do each day. You will gain access to our site where you can see the videos, read each description, check the completed days, download the cheat sheet and ask questions. Ready? Let’s do this!