You’re probably reading this post because you’re interested in face exercises. But have you paid attention to your body posture recently? If not, this blog post is for you. Even though I teach facial exercises, I put a lot of emphasis on the posture of the body.

Why? Because the body and face are connected and it’s very important to keep good posture to get maximum results for your face! So when I teach the Face Yoga poses, I always say, “Open your chest, relax your shoulders and breathe out deeply.”

See, as we age, many of us start getting a rounded spine and shoulders. If you have bad posture with rounded shoulders, for instance, you’re creating a droopy jaw line. If you have a rounded lower back, you are contributing to making a stomach pooch, which is not desirable for many of us.
But have you ever thought about your posture, not vertically, but in terms of whether you’re using both sides of your body evenly and equally?
So, what should we do to make sure we maintain even posture?
My answer is: earbuds!

I have at least five different pairs of earbuds right now. Some of them are not cheap, others are very cheap or even free from the airplane! I use them when I meditate in the morning and night and when I want to focus and shut out outside noise… but most importantly, when I talk on the phone! It’s easy to plug your earbuds into your phone and use them instead of holding your phone up to your ear.

Sure, you can use your phone on speaker mode when you talk but I’ve noticed that using earbuds makes conversations much more clear and gives more privacy too.

As you know, I got in a terrible car accident that left my face and body out of alignment. I was shocked to find out that my face became asymmetrical. I couldn’t smile naturally because of my face’s asymmetry. I even started getting headaches on one side of my head.

I tried to “fix” my face at first with facial exercises, but realized that I needed to fix my posture/pelvis first to make the fix permanent. The pelvis is the very foundation of your body. It provides a foundation for the legs. It also supports a part of the abdominal area. Everything is connected.

After this experience, I am very aware of how I use my body.

With my earbuds, I can keep my head and shoulders straight when I talk on the phone. With my earbuds, I can smile evenly and I do not worry about making my face asymmetrical. So try using earbuds starting today and get a youthful, symmetrical looking face!

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