Hi, Maria here, the business brains behind the Face Yoga Method Program. You may be wondering if B School is the school for you. Here is our review, based on our experience as longtime B School students, business owners and lifetime learners.

First, let’s pare down the word “business” to one letter, B. The second letter of the English alphabet, two bumps on a line, nothing scary about that. Marie Forleo does the same thing to the idea of business. In B School, Marie strips away all the fear and intimidation around starting and growing a business, and gets right to the heart of the matter. You and your passion.


We all have a special gift we are meant to share with the world, and in order to live a full and fulfilling life, we have to find a way to share that gift with the world.
Fumiko created the Face Yoga Method for herself, as a means to correct asymmetry in her face that occurred as the result of a bad car accident. It was an act of self-preservation. Fumiko realized that once she started sharing her practice with others, it became much more than exercises, much more than a yoga practice, what she was doing became a way of life, a way of connecting to herself and most importantly, a way of connecting with other people.
That is what life is about after all, connecting with people. Connecting with people makes us human, it gives purpose and meaning to our lives. We connect in the most profound way when we can share something we are passionate about.
The techniques we’ve learned, and the guidance we’ve received from Marie Forleo’s B School has allowed us to take the Face Yoga Method from Fumiko’s kitchen (where we shot our very first FYM video) to the world. The whole wide world.



In the first B School intro video Marie explains how the way we connect has changed dramatically in recent years. We all have the desire to connect and in the modern age the first place we go to make a connection is the internet. We connect with our friends, our job, the news, the world.
When we’re interested in knowing more about something we can jump online any time of the day and search until we find what we’re looking for. There is no limit to our connection. And the number of people online grows exponentially every passing day. The world is available 24/7.
I’ve experienced firsthand how connecting with others through Marie Forleo’s Master Mind Program allowed me to create and grow a valid business from nothing. At the time, building my consulting business was a necessity. Over time, the skills I learned have become invaluable, and now, our third year into the Face Yoga Method Program, I have completely transitioned away from consulting to a work life that happens when I choose.
So while we’re running errands, or Fumiko is picking up her daughter Nina from school, or I’m stepping outside for a mid-day walk because the sun is shining, our business is still growing and still earning us money. Because the internet is worldwide, 24/7 and once you learn how to share your passion with the world, amazing things happen.

Given the choice, I choose, Marie Forleo’s B School over an MBA from Harvard. I may not have ivy-covered walls, but I do have furry covered pillows and I like to lean back with my laptop and learn learn learn. The education I’ve received from Marie Forleo is invaluable. A one-time investment gives you lifetime access to B School.




From A to B. Simple.



I want to make it clear that there are no shortcuts. B School is NOT a fast way to make a lot of money on the internet. B School IS an education designed to help you connect with your passion and share it with the world.
In B School you’ll learn how to connect with your audience, how to build a web site that works for you 24/7, how to communicate with clarity, and how to convert interest in your product into sales. Weekly classes are easy to follow and Marie and her team are available to guide you through the process.
Marie Forleo’s B School is all kinds of business. The business of finding your passion and following it, the business of fun, the business of creating the life you’ve always wanted, the business of pursuing a passion and in the process discovering your potential and that it is limitless.
The business of changing the world.
Once you join B School you are a lifetime member, you can revisit classes whenever you feel the need for a refresher plus have access to any new materials. And believe me, both Fumiko and I take advantage of this. Of course we go back and review, and welcome the new material, because everything we have learned in B School has brought our business to a very happy place.
We want that happy place for you! I get super excited thinking about all the people out there who are about to change their lives. We are right here for you when you go back to school. Think of us as Teacher’s Assistants, we’ve been through the program, we’re still learning and we want you to find the passion, joy and freedom we have found.


We want you to be happy. Part of being happy is making the right choices for you. B School is an investment in YOU and your future.
Be thoughtful about your decision, we are not here to talk anyone into something they don’t want to do. We are here to say, we have gone back to school and it changed our lives and is changing the lives of many.
If you already have an online business, are thinking of starting an online business, or have a brick and mortar business that you want to take online then I believe you will not find a better classroom than B School.

B School may not be for you if you have no intention of taking your business online, or are a brick and mortar store but do not want a web site, or if you choose not to have a web site, period. B School lessons are invaluable for any business person, but the premise of success here is based on taking your business online, and bringing your ideas to the world.


Be real with yourself. B School is an investment. And the best investment FYM has ever made as a business.