Decrease forehead wrinkles

Learn to relax and smooth out your forehead wrinkles naturally.

Diminish vertical lip lines

Smooth and strengthen area around the mouth.

Tighten and firm your full face

Train your muscles and stop unwanted, wrinkle causing facial movements.

Get rid of a double chin

Strengthen and tone the neckline. Redefine and sculpt the jaw line.

Diminish crow’s feet

Firm and strengthen the eye area while smoothing out crow’s feet.

Reduce under eye puffiness

Tone the under eye bags and reduce eye puffiness.


60+ facial exercise videos


get direct access to Fumiko in members only webinars


9 different routines designed to target specific facial areas


get support from Fumiko and the community in Facebook

I live in Brooklyn NY in the United states. As I got older I seriously wanted to find somebody who teaches facial exercises. Through the internet I found Face Yoga Method by Fumiko Takatsu. I really like it,  Fumiko knows a lot about the human body and how it works. The method is very simple and it’s easy to practice everyday even though sometimes it’s challenging. I still tend to have a sagging jaw line but I always resolve it after practicing Face Yoga for about a week. Trust me, The more you practice, the better results you will see. I enjoy my age and Love Face Yoga Method.

Koko Williams

Awesome videos Face Yoga Method..I’m a 55 year old male have been at it for 15 years…Face is fuller and tighter than in my late 30’s.  Friends and family just don’t understand muscles grow above the neck too, yet they see the results

John Perry

Professional Singer

I practice your method in the AM religiously while seated in gomukasana! My Face Yoga began 4 months ago and I have noticed a difference at age 66! So anyone can do it and get results, the secret, practice everyday, you have to be disciplined.

Lynda Alexander

Yoga Instructor

The reason I am writing, is to tell you how happy I am that, thanks to  your discount offer I am finally a member of the Face Yoga Method Program. It’s only my third day of practice, but it’s just so much fun “following your lead” in the videos and moving my face in all kind of directions. I can tell from the little I have seen in this program how much detailed work you put into it and also Maria by making it so well organized and accessible for your members. So thank you so much to both of you. In regard to all your work, there is something I asked myself. Since you offer a great deal of free videos and pictures with so many helpful tips and poses, I wonder if people are aware how much more they can get from joining your program than by doing this or that exercise “on their own”. I am sure, that’s always better than doing nothing. At least since my budget is pretty tight, it’s what I tried to do. I though, OK, I am waiting until I can afford the membership and try to benefit until then from the free content. But to be honest, I didn’t manage to create a routine out of it and gave up since I was lost in the multitude of different poses and due to my laziness! Now, I can relax and just choose between the features you offer and follow step by step, day by day. This helped me a lot to finally get started and practice for real!


If this is your first time buying an online program you could be feeling a bit skeptical and I don’t blame you. Every once in awhile I’ll get an email from a viewer saying how they are interested in starting a face yoga practice but the thought of buying an online program, as opposed to an actual, physical DVD, makes them uneasy.
I get it! It’s new, it’s virtual and you have to add in some pretty sensitive data online in order to make the purchase. Let’s nip that in the bud right now, shall we?
By default we wouldn’t be able to sell ANYTHING online without having an SSL Certificate (allows for a secure connection from web server to a browser), on top of that we are PCI DSS Compliant (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) which is another level of security we were required to go through in order to use one of the TOP Payment Gateways online – Braintree (by PayPal). Which brings me to my last point, we’re not the ones processing the payments, we use three different companies that SPECIALIZE in secure payments. To qualify to work with them we had to be compliant with their rules and regulations. You are in good hands!
I gave this a lot of thought when I first started. I prepared a list with pros and cons and finally, as I was getting down to the last bullet points on my list it rapidly became more and more obvious that an online program was the best option, and here’s why:
   *  You can get started right away, you don’t need to wait for the actual DVD to get to your doorsteps,
   *  You don’t need to pay and worry about shipping fees and delivery,
   *  I have face yoga students all over the world and I would need multiple types of DVDs with the same content because each part of the world has different DVD Region Specifications
   *  I am able to add more exercises and routines on the membership site overnight and everyone has access to them, regardless if they bought today or a year ago
   *  You have more access to me through LIVE online workshops, webinars, Q&A sessions, discussion groups and emails
   *  You can watch the videos from anywhere in the world without having to carry a DVD and a DVD player (all you need is a computer, laptop, tablet or phone)
   *  You can collaborate online with other practitioners
   *  The online membership has a comment section and a Facebook support group where you can ask me anything
   *  You have access to all of the cool online features I had made for you, like marking an exercise as complete, progress bars, checking out the calendar and downloading the cheat sheets I’ve prepared for you
   *  All of the exercises are carefully divided and organized into modules, jump starts and routines you can access with ease,
   *  Finally, you can download the exercise videos and save them on your own device and even make your own DVD, this way you’re not tied to always needing an internet connection in order to practice face yoga.

28 Day Challenge Neck & Jawline

A complete program to streamline your neckline in 28 days. valued at $25

Jump Starts

6 different jump starts to forget specific facial areas. valued at $150

How is this different from the videos on your website?
There are over 60 videos in the FYMM and they aren’t seen anywhere else. Each video is shot from multiple camera angles with detailed instruction. You will also have access to live members-only webinars for hands on training. 
How exactly will I be getting the materials?
You’ll log into a website that hosts all of the materials outlined above that make up the Face Yoga Method Membership Site. Most are videos you will watch online but there are downloadable photo pdfs to work from.
Will this work on my Mac, PC, iPad and Smart Phone?
Yes you can access the site from any of these devices no matter where you are in the world.
Will I get direct access to Fumiko?
Fumiko will be doing live members only webinars where you can ask her anything you want. If you can’t make the webinar live, it will be recorded and put in the members area.
How is this different from a DVD?
The membership site is a series of mini videos that can be accessed at any time and anywhere. When new content is created it will be put into the membership site so you will always get the latest exercises.
I have more questions, how can I get them answered?
We are happy to answer any questions you may have. Just email us at and we will get right back to you. 
Is there a money back guarantee?
We have a 7 day no questions asked 100% money back guarantee.  We want you to be happy. Just email us at within 7 days of purchase.

If you have experienced pain anywhere near the neck and jawline area, or in other parts of your face, consult your physician before joining any of the Face Yoga Method programs to determine if it is right for your needs. Do not start our programs if your physician advises against it. The Face Yoga Method exercises are intended to be fully implemented and based on a combination of diet and regular practice to get the best results, which may vary among individuals. Results vary depending on level and regularity of practice.