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The mouth and lip areas show your age. When the corners of your mouth are down you can look unhappy and sad. As you age, the corners of your mouth tend to go down even if you are not unhappy and sad. That means,  you could be sending the wrong message to the world. Training the mouth area not only makes you look and younger and happier, but it gives you a bright, natural smile which makes you more attractive and confident.

Lips reflect what is going on in your body internally. They are the place where you can check your hydration level in your body. Dry lips mean your body needs to be hydrated. Drink more water. They also show your age. As we age, lips lose firmness, fade in color and also get wrinkly.

Fumiko Takatsu

Fumiko Takatsu

Face Yoga Expert

Best-selling author and Japanese TV celebrity Fumiko Takatsu helps Face Yoga students everywhere discover their most beautiful selves – inside and out.

A 30-year yoga devotee, Fumiko created the Face Yoga Method after a car accident left her face disfigured. Almost a decade later, she has defied modern medicine and the effects of time, creating for herself a toned, youthful face that shows no evidence of aging or trauma. 

As a busy educator and mother who divides her time between California and her native Japan, Fumiko makes practicing and teaching Face Yoga a priority. 

Her glowing, natural beauty is proof the Face Yoga Method yields startling results. 

See you on the inside!