skin care products on a white fluffy blanket

Why I Created A Signature Skincare Line

Face Yoga Poses are the foundation of my business, but the more time I spent helping women achieve results, the more I realized there’s a shortcut. 

Hydration is key when doing Face Yoga and that means both inside and out. So a high-quality skin superfood and hydrator was high on my list. But the problem was I just couldn’t find anything in the stores that I liked as much as what I was making at home. 

But making creams at home isn’t feasible for everyone. It takes a lot of time to do the shopping, to mix and melt the ingredients and then store them properly. I knew that if I wasn’t making this vital aspect of Face Yoga accessible to everyone, I wasn’t doing it right. So I realized that if I wanted to help everyone have easy access to products that compliment a Face Yoga practice, I had to make them. 

So I did! I made my own, natural skincare line!

It all started with the 100% Pure Oxygen Plasma which brightened Maria’s and my own skin in just a few days. Then when I saw that there were only 5 ingredients that packed major benefits, I was hooked. And today, the Oxygen Plasma is still my #1 best selling skincare product. 

A split photo of two products - on the left side is a mint blue electrical facial brush (the Sonic Face Brush) in a gray ceramic bowl with ice in it. On the right side is a glass bottle of white facial moisturizing cream with a light blue tag, held upright on a palm.

Then came a luxurious and hydrating cream. I used my favorite DIY face cream recipe and transformed it into a shelf-stable lightweight cream, the Whipped Oxygen Moisturizing Cream

Made from 3 all-natural ingredients: Honey, Lavender, and Licorice Root, this cream does wonders not just for hydration and wrinkles, but for eczema, rosacea, and redness too! (Read more on the all-natural ingredients in the WOMC here.) 

With our ability to offer shipping and delivery anywhere in the world, our two signature products took off like wildfire! 

Now we have over ten products to boost your results with the Face Yoga Method and a few more on the way in 2020!!! 

A white duffle bag with "I am a Face Yogi" print, surrounded by skincare products and devices - a facial cream bottle, a blue electric facial brush, a box with a facial roller with needles, a book, a white mug and a blue resistance band.

When creating my own skincare line, it was important to me to not just deliver quality but to deliver products that will work in synchronicity with your Face Yoga practice. 

While Face Yoga on its own can do wonders for your skin, using the right products for your needs is important too. You can trust that every product in our FYM natural skincare line was made with you in mind and has meticulously researched, tested by myself personally, and had to meet my high standards. 

It’s our promise to you that these natural products will always live up to the Face Yoga Method standards of “do no harm” and are never tested on animals or made with animal products (honey is my only exception to this rule, here’s why). 

So, give your skin the nourishing and love it deserves, and I’ll bet you’ll see results from your Face Yoga practice even faster! What we put on our skin is absorbed within seconds.