Awesome videos Face Yoga Method..I’m a 55 year old male have been at it for 15 years…Face is fuller and tighter than in my late 30’s.  Friends and family just don’t understand muscles grow above the neck too, yet they see the results John Perry

Professional Singer

I practice your method in the AM religiously while seated in gomukasana! My Face Yoga began 4 months ago and I have noticed a difference at age 66! So anyone can do it and get results, the secret, practice everyday, you have to be disciplined. Lynda Alexander

Yoga Instructor

I live in Brooklyn NY in the United states. As I got older I seriously wanted to find somebody who teaches facial exercises. Through the internet I found Face Yoga Method by Fumiko Takatsu. I really like it,  Fumiko knows a lot about the human body and how it works. The method is very simple and it’s easy to practice everyday even though sometimes it’s challenging. I still tend to have a sagging jaw line but I always resolve it after practicing Face Yoga for about a week. Trust me, The more you practice, the better results you will see. I enjoy my age and Love Face Yoga Method. Koko Williams

Professional Dancer


Testimonial Face Yoga Method
Testimonial Fumiko Takatsu
Praise Face Yoga Method
Praise Fumiko Takatsu
Before I started the exercises, my daughter told me I needed a face lift, I am 55 years old and my face is aging pretty bad around the mouth-chin area.  My jowls were starting to sag so I started with the chewing exercise and noticed a difference, I then incorporated your exercises and saw more of a difference.  When I saw my daughter last week she actually noticed my jowls had lifted and are nearly gone, she was so amazed and asked what I did to improve my jowls.  I still have the lines around my lips which I am working on and the one exercise you listed for this is hard for me but I am trying, so far I don’t believe that one has worked but I’m working on it and am hopeful I will see results.   I don’t smoke and these lines around the mouth bother me the most. Maria Roberts


Face Yoga Method has helped my smile relax and not be stressed at the corners. My eyes are bigger and more alive. I can only devote about 3 minutes at a time but every chance I get, I go for it! Kali Chung

My concerns were facial bloating, sagging faceline and droopy eyelids.  After a few weeks of practice I saw a dramatic change in my faceline and I can feel the extra fat on my faceline is gone. Kazumi

It is not about being vain, I just want to be able to keep a sense of myself as I get older…My friends said, “she looks amazing”, what has she been doing? Nix

Age 49, London

After I started the 28 day challenge I could see the difference within weeks.  My face was slimmer. Agnes

Age 37, Kuala Lumpur

After 10 days I started to see the changes.  In my jawline I can see the change.  I am inspired by your strong willingness to help.  It makes a deep connection for the one who wants to learn.  I am grateful for your openness and your knowledge. Forouzan

Age 46, Sweden

I tend to get fat on my cheeks. Before the Face Yoga Method exercises, I looked so tired in the morning; cheeks looked droopy and face looked swollen. After the Face Yoga exercises, my whole face toned, eye got bigger, cheeks are lifted up, and my face line has changed. Akie Okomura

I discovered FYM because of my sister- she gave me your book, as a Christmas present. At the beginning of this year I started practicing your method with immediate results! My face suffered a lot for the last 3 years due to a very stressful job and a humongous change in my life – new country to live. I started getting used to the idea that my forehead will never be as smooth as it was, and being not even 30 years old, my face will have signs of being tired and stressed. Then your method came across and results are visible, undoubtedly! I didn’t take the photos straight away, to compare the result but I stopped exercising for 3 days to see how it impacts my face. I love the result and feeling I get after those simple and effortless moves! Thank you so much for that! I am sending all my love from Belgium. Agnieszka