A woman with long dark hair holding one hand on her scalp and in the other hand holding a scalp massager.

Use This Simple Scalp Massage Technique to Improve Blood Circulation

We are often very conscious about our face – the 11 lines, forehead wrinkles, dark circles under the eyes, just to name a few. But what about the scalp? How do you take care of it? Do you even pay attention to it? Here’s my advice for a simple scalp massage technique that is especially beneficent in improving your blood circulation.

The skin on the scalp is the closest skin to the brain and there is no muscle on it. Which means that your mental and physical condition directly affect the scalp.

If you are stressed out or feeling a lot of tension, it is usually manifested in the head area with symptoms such as headaches, sore scalp, tight neck, and head tension. You may even see more of your hair falling out because your scalp gets less blood circulation. Ugh… Not only are these symptoms physically and mentally uncomfortable, they also affect the way you look. You can get a frozen, angry or unhappy facial expression.

Yoga, breathing, and meditation are great ways to manage stress but paying a little extra attention to your scalp can help you immensely, both mentally and physically. You will feel relaxed, look much happier, and that means less wrinkles on your face! A win-win scenario!

In this blog post, I will show you some simple scalp massage techniques you can do anywhere, anytime to get a healthy scalp and a relaxed facial expression!

When you communicate, it’s less about what you say and more about what your face says.

Your facial expressions represent your attitude and feelings, that’s our way of sending messages to the world. When you’re angry, a few creases in your forehead warn others around you to be on their best behavior. When you’re stressed, 11 lines show up on your forehead and give off negative energy and a clear “do not bother me,” message.”

I often talk about the connection between your facial expression and the message you’re sending to your brain. For instance, if you frown, creating 11 lines, you’re sending a message to your brain that you’re unhappy, even if you’re happy! Your brain can’t tell the difference. Don’t take my word for it, try spending a few hours (or even minutes) today with 11 lines and observe how you feel.

Just think about the people around you, how will they act, or re-act, if you are sending out negative energy?

Watch and learn some simple scalp massage techniques you can do anywhere, anytime to get a healthy scalp and healthy facial expressions!

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