Our life is an accumulation of small routines. Routine is the momentum that keeps our life going.

What is your evening routine?  For me, nothing is better than going to bed with a relaxed body, mind and spirit! That is one of the reasons I love taking a shower at night. Meditation, yoga, stretching and massage are all great tools to relax my body, mind and spirit. These are several routines I have been doing for a long time.

I can shower, meditate, practice yoga, and stretching by myself but when it comes to massage, it make a huge difference if someone gives it to you. Unfortunately, my husband Henry is not really into massage. He can push my back but he is not a good massager. (sorry, Henry! Hope you are not reading this…)

When I break my routine I pay for it the next day. I often feel and look more tired, my skin is dull and my spirit is not uplifted. I simply feel less than I normally do. Getting a massage at night is one of my special treats (yes, I found a great massage place 15 minutes from our house!) But I cannot go there every night.

In this video, I will show you one amazing self massage tool you can make using two tennis balls and a sock.

Curious to know how you can use this?

Just watch the video below and you will learn the technique

It is super easy but it will blow your mind once you try this.