Did you know that your pelvis affects your posture?
Did you know that your posture affects your face?
Did you know that your pelvis affects your face?

It sounds strange but if you want to make your face more symmetrical,
try this pelvic exercise. The pelvic, posture and the face are all connected and
if you want to change your face, you should start from the bottom.

After getting in a car accident, I was shocked to find out that my face became asymmetrical!
The right side of my face was much higher than the left, my right eye and eyebrow were much higher and
my smile was not natural at all.

I tried to “fix” my face at first with the face exercises, but realized that I needed to fix my posture/pelvis first
to get the permanent “fix.” The pelvis is the very foundation of your body. It provides a foundation for the the legs.
It also supports a part of the abdominal area. Everything is connected.

The Minimalist Guide To The Midsection Exercise

This pelvic exercise works great to shape up your midsection, too!
If you want to see results, this is the one of the best exercises I can recommend.
You will be amazed how hard it can be! Even a minute of exercise can make you feel tired!
Do one minute everyday. I guarantee you will see the changes in your body in a week.

The Pelvic Walk
Sit tall.
Legs straight.
Feet together.
Interlace fingers together and arms are parallel to the floor.

Without bending the knees, move your pelvis using the arm and also move your body forward.
Breathe in and out vigorously from your mouth.

Move 10 seconds forward, move 10 seconds backward.

Repeat for 60 seconds.

If your body moves toward the right, that means your right pelvis needs to be loosened up.
If your body moves toward the left, your left pelvis needs to be loosened up.
Does this make sense?

Keep practicing this pelvic exercise and notice the change in your pelvic area and your posture.
Eventually you see more symmetry in your face too!