A woman in red shirt with a green shower cap on the head holding an egg in her left hand and smiling.

Soften Your Skin With This Common Kitchen Ingredient

Even if you don’t eat eggs, this information is still worth reading. As many of you already know, skin loses elasticity and firmness partly due to the breakdown of collagen. However, the body can absorb almost 100% of egg whites and they also have a complete amino acid profile. Does this sound good to you?

So why not use them on your face?

In one of my previous video blog posts, I showed you how to use the eggshell membrane on your skin to minimize scarring, fine lines and dark spots. In this video, I will show you one more step to make your skin soft, smooth and eliminate wrinkles and dark spots easily and naturally.

Egg whites are best used when fresh. Simply crack an egg, gently separate the egg yolk and egg white. If you do not have time, you can save the egg white in the fridge and use it when you are ready. By gently rubbing egg white on our clean face and washing it off with cold water, you will see and feel the instant changes on your face.

You can do this egg white face wash followed by the eggshell membrane treatment; you will get the double benefits and also not waste the egg (you still have the yolk)!


*Do not try if you are allergic to eggs! If you are not sure, try a patch test by putting a small amount of egg white on your inner arm and leave it there for 24 hours. If there is no reaction, you are good to go.

*When you wash off the egg white from your face, do not use hot/warm water. You do not want to “cook” the egg white on your face or in your pores. Use cold water instead.

*Make sure to do this treatment on your clean face without make up and/or sun screen.