Before and after doing face yoga - comparison of a facial change

How Face Yoga Method Can Transform Your Life

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“All this sorrow of the last year began to show on my face. I saw that I lost the sparkle in my eyes…” ~Cosima The past year has been hard, unexpected, and has evoked a certain type of resilience within each of us. And sometimes we don’t even realize the stresses until we do something that helps us change, grow …

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What You Need To Know About Face Yoga

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If you’ve been wondering IF FACIAL EXERCISES REALLY WORK or looking for tips on getting you started and creating a daily practice – you’re in the right place.  The Face Yoga Method is a blend of yoga-like body postures and facial exercises that improve your appearance and sense of well-being. Face Yoga consists of facial exercises that tone the muscles …

Bell's palsy patient's progress with Face Yoga.

Face Yoga and Bell’s Palsy

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Face Yoga is the natural practice of activating and toning the 50+ facial muscles in connection with awareness of breath and inner happiness. Recent studies have proven that facial exercises can reduce the signs of aging, change the overall look and shape of our face and more. One of the additional benefits of Face Yoga can be rehabilitating paralyzed facial …

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Does Face Yoga Cause Wrinkles?

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Facial exercises are not a new concept, but you may just be finding out about this powerful anti-wrinkle technique for yourself– and with that it’s crucial for you to understand the benefits and risks before you begin.  Because the truth is that not all Face Yoga is created equal and there is the potential that you could have adverse results, …

Comparison of before and after pictures of a Face Yogi, Catherine, after attending Face Toning Bootcamp. Showing her close-up photos.

The Before And After Of A Face Yogi

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 Life is full of surprises — sometimes good, sometimes bad. But, no matter what it throws at us, the most important thing is to have valuable tools to overcome any obstacles and win! This is a story about one of our Face Yogis, Catherine, who after undergoing a mastectomy discovered our Face Toning Bootcamp that helped her regain physical and …

Do face exercises really work - Fumiko Takatsu doing a Face Yoga exercise the right and the wrong way - comparison.

Do Facial Exercises Cause Wrinkles?

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This blog post is little bit different from other blog posts I usually write.  I want to address a myth I often hear in regards to face yoga and facial exercises. Some people say that moving the facial muscles and doing facial exercises cause unwanted wrinkles and create expression lines. That can be true if you are not paying attention …