Every single day I wake up at 4:30 AM…

I get up, drink hot water, do some face and body exercises, prepare lunch for my family, get everything ready for breakfast, take my daughter to school, walk my dog, get back home and start work at 8:30 AM.

Every day, like clockwork.

The testing process is about to start for students of my Teacher Certification Course so I was looking at the replay of a workshop I had with them last month; the topic of the webinar was “How to be a Confident Face Yoga Instructor”.

About 20 minutes into the workshop… I start crying. Now keep in mind, every year I hold hundreds of workshops (both offline and online), this has never happened to me before. And remember my morning schedule? Well, on top of that add the fact that my husband had just gotten shoulder surgery, Nina had a week packed with therapy sessions and on top of all of this, I held that workshop after having slept for only 3 hours… needless to say I was going through a rough week. Rough enough that when one of the students present at the webinar had said “You’re the best!! I can so relate to your mentality because it’s just how I think … Love You”.. It struck a cord and I started crying.

When I left Japan at the peak of my career everyone said I was crazy. Little did they know I was feeling trapped. Everyone was making decisions for me, my agency was planning my every step months in advance: hotels, TV shows, interviews, magazines and on and on it went. Money was great! But I was starting to feel like a puppet, a puppet placed on a stage to entertain and boxed in until the time came for my next performance.

I left Japan because I wanted freedom.

Over the last 40 years I had to reinvent myself a million times over and I can honestly say, the secret behind being successful in life (whatever tool you use to measure success by) is knowing WHY you’re doing whatever you’re doing in the first place and when the times get rough use your “why” as your motivation, otherwise you’ll be going through life like a robot, and I don’t want that for you. I took a risk for freedom and now I’m reaping the rewards. It doesn’t matter if I sleep for 3 or 8 hours, my energy comes from doing the things that inspire me. And if only one person writes to me and says “Thank you” that’s enough; enough to keep me going, enough to let me know that my leap of faith was worth it.

So now I’m asking you: Do YOU dare to dream? To be creative? To innovate? To change your life?