Kelp (called “Kombu” in Japanese) is a wonderful and natural food for your body and beauty. Kelp has a very mild flavor and is best if not overcooked. It is a great substitute for vegans/ vegetarian and better than chicken soup for many reasons.

How To Make Kelp Water
Drop one strip of kelp into 2 cups of room temperature water and wait for at least 20 minutes or leave it overnight in the fridge. Now your kelp water is ready!  If you want to get the maximum flavor or use it as a soup stock, you can soak the kelp in water for 20 minutes or so and then heat. But never boil the water.  You can add some miso or soy sauce and have it as a soup.

Natural Benefits Of Kelp

  • Natural Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.
  • Highly absorbable minerals and is low in calories. An ideal food for anyone on a weight-loss diet.
  • Rich in minerals, such as iodine and potassium, and it draws water and impurities from your body.
  • Increases thyroid hormone production.

Seaweed is high in natural sodium, so if you have high blood pressure or have thyroid problems, talk to your doctor before taking/increasing seaweed in your diet. Kelp absorbs all kinds of minerals and it can be contaminated by toxic heavy metals. Make sure and choose good quality seaweed that is harvested from unpolluted waters.