Why 2019 Was The Biggest Year In Face Yoga History

2019 was a huge year for Face Yoga, and the biggest in the 15+ years I’ve been teaching my Method. Major media coverage, television features, and scientific reports gained credibility for what you and I have known for years – this Method works! 

I’m amazed and grateful every day that my Method is helping more and more people break free of the hold that the anti-aging industry has on us, and take beauty, health, and self-care into their own hands and today I want to highlight some of our greatest achievements of 2019. 

When I reflect on this past year, it is clear that there was an undeniable theme: unification. 

This unity allows us to fully embrace the power of Face Yoga, to feel confident and supported that we are on the right path together, and to appreciate each other’s uniqueness and that helps our community grow. 


In 2019  I took many leaps, got vulnerable, and fell securely into the open arms of our Community. 

For a long time, I wasn’t sure I should  talk about my daughter Nina and her condition at work,  because I wanted to protect her. But her fearless and “take me as I am” attitude are so strong and this influenced me too. So for her birthday this year, I opened up our fundraiser for Step Up For Down Syndrome, to the Face Yogi Community. 

Together, the FYM Community raised around $4,000 towards Down Syndrome Awareness, and this touched my heart and continued the ripple effect that having such a unified community naturally brings. 

On the other end of this spectrum, this year I dove into what it means to be a daughter too. 

My father fell very ill this fall, so I decided to put work aside (gasp!) and take a last minute trip to Japan to lift his spirits and spend quality time with him.  

I unplugged. 

And when I did, I realized how deeply I had needed this healing time too. 

I’ve always loved to travel and I want to see every corner of this world, but unexpectedly, I discovered that there’s magic to be found in the places we once called “home” too. 

Going back to our roots, smelling the air of the place we grew up in, seeing landscapes that shaped our world…This can be therapy. 

I talk all the time about the importance of self-care, and this trip really drove it home for me. 

At 51, I hadn’t realized how much I had missed home, until I was there — alone and able to soak in all the lessons and glory of where I came from and what my humble-beginnings wanted to present to me.

A family of four in a Japanese restaurant.

Back at home we took steps toward shaping our own sanctuary. We decided to take out the wall between our living room and dining room. But before we did this, we invited Nina and some friends over to decorate the wall in a mural all of their own!

A group of people

It was such a beautiful representation of impermanence and how no matter how beautiful the moment is we can open ourselves to the possibilities of something even more magnificent. 


I wouldn’t be the teacher I want to be for you if I didn’t offer you my very best and the most up to date knowledge available. 

As often as I can, I continue my education so I can bring you the highest-quality information. This year I went to several events, but it was a chiropractic workshop which filled in the pieces I was missing in my teaching! 

Plus, Maria and I set out to learn everything we could about our upcoming beauty beverage, and find a perfect partner to help us bring you this one of a kind elixir.

Two women with sunglasses on top of their heads smiling for the camera while holding their conference attend

As a company the 2019 Face Yoga Method Team started as just myself, Maria, and five other women. 

We did it all, ran the shop and E-commerce, developed the tech and online programs, helped with Customer Support…but as the Community grew, so did we. 

In 2019, our team more than DOUBLED! We now have 14 amazing women ready to help you achieve your goals and give you the tools and knowledge you need to get there! 

We are women of all ages, from all corners of the world. 

We are mothers, daughters, sisters, friends, business owners, travelers, and homebodies. 

Our team dynamic is so unique, and supportive of a flexible and FREE lifestyle all while making a huge impact and championing our important mission – to help you love yourself and spread your sparkle in the world. 

Above all, our team comes first. We lift each other up, are respectful of our ideas and are always reaching for that next roof-shattering goal! 

We are limitless and we love doing this for you!

A group of girls in grey minion t-shirts posing for a photo and hugging.

In January 2019 I brought my entire team together for a company conference in Nashville where we learned from experts in the online-presence industry, how to connect in a world that seems so disconnected Among other things, we birthed the Face Yogi Community

This Community gives us the unique and personal touch that you can’t find anywhere else. Here, we can foster your growth, help you find the answers you seek, and have fun meeting friends from around the world! 

This week-long conference fostered the supportive sisterhood of our team, and built an unstoppable vehicle of positivity and self-love that we weave into every product, program, email and video we give you.


*3 MILLION Face Yogi’s follow our Method each week
*Over 65,000 minutes of Face Yoga Method Videos are watched per day
*60,000 members and counting in our Private Facebook Community 
*Another 120 Teachers were Certified  by me through our Teacher Certification Course, and are now teaching in their own communities. 

The numbers don’t lie, we are proud to support the largest Face Yoga community in the world. 


In 2020 we are taking your Face Yoga Method experience to new heights!

We look forward to bringing Community members a higher-touch personal experience with me, a revolutionary beverage to boost collagen and nourish your skin from the inside, and new strategies to help our Certified Teachers’ businesses (TCC) blossom into thriving careers of a lifetime. 

There’s nothing we cannot achieve when we do it together. 

We’ve changed the way women see aging — what we are changing is the way women PERCEIVE aging… the way we treat our bodies, dropping the invasive procedures, communicating gently with not only our Community – but ourselves. 

Want in on the pro-aging Face Yoga revolution? Download my 5 Top Face Yoga Poses, for FREE, here! 


As we set our eyes on 2020 I am honored to be your guide to helping 2020 (and the new decade!!) be your most empowered year ever! 

Wishing you a successful, happy, and healthy 2020!