Do Not Blame Your Parents

I often hear many of my Face Yoga clients complaining that they “inherited the double chin” from their parents.  They believe that they cannot do anything about it since it is in their genes.

Like it or not, we all inherited our physical traits from our parents. That is a fact. There is a great possibility that you will look like our parents as you age. If you love the way your parents look, congratulations, you are quite fortunate. Truth be told, most of us are very critical of ourselves and/or our parents. We tend to focus on the problems.

Learn From Your Parents Habits

If your mother has great skin and your father does not, do not sigh with disappointment wishing you had your mother’s skin! You can lean from your father’s skin how to improve/prevent certain features as you age. Did he have too much sun when he was younger? Does he drink regularly? How is his diet? Does he work out? If your mother has a double chin, observe her diet and her daily routine. Does she exercise? Is she heavy? Is she skinny but still has a double chin? How is her posture?

How Observing My Mother Changed My Habits

I started looking like my mother at the age of 36 and I got into a panic. That was not because I did not love my mother or did not like the way she looked, but I just did not want to see myself getting old. Period. To me, my mother was the “future me”. It was too real. I did not want to see my future. It was scary. Then, I started thinking about it from a different perspective. Instead of averting my attention from her or denying the fact that we all age, I started observing her skin and her life style, including her diet and daily habits.  Observing my mother’s habits taught me what to do and what not to do!! Interestingly, my mother has started following my face care routines, including not all but some of the FYM exercises and she has started applying her moisturizer differently ( I will talk about this in another blog post). She looks better than ever!  Now we share beauty tips now. She lives in Japan and I live in California. Japan is very humid and California is dry. There are some differences in our lifestyles but we still share the same genes. If some of the routines work for her, it should work for me and vice versa.

Whose Face Will Predict Your Future?

Next time you see your parents, make sure you observe their faces. If possible, check their photos when they were your current age. How did they look? Did they look the way you look now? Did your mom have a double chin? Did she have bigger eyes back then? Or you may want to check the photos of your aunt if you think you look more like her than your mother. The faces in your family can tell you and teach you a lot. When you know what you need to work on, it is much easier to practice the routines and keep yourself motivated.

Use The Face Yoga Method to Target Your Future Face

As for the FYM exercises, target the areas you see in your mother (father, aunt) that you do not want to see in you in the future. You also can introduce some of the FYM exercises to them and see how they change (make sure you take Before/After photos to see the results). That can be a great motivation for you!

Please share your story in the comments below.   I want to know what the future holds for your face and what you want to change.