The Holiday Gift Bundle – Derma Roller, Sonic Face Brush and Ultimate Guide Book all in One

I believe just like the body, your face needs exercise!

I also believe that it is important to clean your face to get glowing, healthy and smooth skin and maximum results from your exercise. So why wouldn’t you try our Holiday Gift Bundle!

Clean and exercise your face.

You have probably tried the Face Yoga Method exercises and may be looking for something more to take your practice to another level!  We have the perfect skin perfecting bundle for you to kick start your Face Yoga Method skin revolution.  It is the Face Yoga Method Gift Bundle.

The Face Yoga Method Holiday Gift Bundle Contains:

  • The Ultimate Guide to the Face Yoga Method (hard copy) – full color photos and directions for more than 50 Face Yoga poses
  • The Sonic Face Brush – a sonic face cleanser that will stimulate elastin and collagen production while cleaning your face to perfection
  • The Derma Roller – a double headed derma roller to stimulate collagen on both the face and neck

On top of it all we will pop in a gift card with a discount coupon. There is a built in savings of over 10% when you invest in the bundle.

Use these three products together and watch your skin transform in the next 30 days. Boost your confidence and reveal the skin you have never thought possible. No matter how old or young you are, it is never too early or too late to take care of your face.