In my last video, I showed you how to make a clay body and face scrub using baking soda, clay, glycerin and aroma oils. I have received so many responses/questions/comments on that blog post that I thought I needed to answer some of them and clarify this process. Thank you so much! I love your feedback. In today’s video, I will show you exactly how you can use this homemade clay mask and some possible ingredient substitutions. In answer to the many questions I received; yes, instead of dry clay, you can use corn starch. Instead of vegetable glycerin, you can use honey, coconut oil or any oils you have in the kitchen! You do not have to use aroma oils.

Another important point I want to share with you. The dry clay contains silica and you do not want to inhale that small particle while mixing it with baking soda. When you use corn starch, you do not need to worry about that. And now for a few other uses of this amazing clay mask. Make sure and remove your make up and wash your face to get the biggest benefit out of this mask. I recommend you try jojoba oil to remove make-up.  Take a look here to see how to do that. After using this face scrub, I highly recommend doing the 100 times splash face washing so that your clean pores stay clean!  When you do the 100 times splash your skin will feel refreshed and alive and your pores will shrink up thanks to all the cold water. Get all the details on this right here.

Let me know what you made with this amazing mask with and how much you love it in the comments below.