The Not So Sexy Way To A Younger Looking Neck

Did you know that your neck can tell more information about you than you think? It can tell your age (it isn’t easy to hide the neck area) It can show how you sleep (surprising but so accurate!) Here is what you can do….I started wearing this accidentally after I was in a terrible car accident because my neck was hurting.  Amazingly, I started noticing some dramatic changes on my neck!

One downside of this treatment is that it isn’t sexy at all.


Neck Collar

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  1. Hi dear, how nice and clever of you. I have used it for 3 nights and I can see some difference. Thank you. I still cannot deal with under eyes sagging skin. Advice pleeeeeese.

  2. I will try this tonight. I have enlarged thyroid and it sometimes “goes out of place” so swallowing makes a clicking feeling, I think this could help.

    1. Check out Thyroid Rescue by the Medical Medium, Anthony William. After 30 years my thyroid problems are gone. Now I want to get rid of the lines!

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