Today’s busy lifestyle stresses us more than we think. And stress manifests in your actions, your way of thinking and also the way you look!So how can we cope with stress?

When I was younger and living in Japan, I used to go out at night and have drinks with my friends and that made me happy. Yes, I can still do that but with my family and especially with my daughter,I choose to be in nature to relax my mind and body and recharge my energy.

When I am in nature,
I feel inner peace.
I feel more calm.
I feel grateful for what I have.
I feel alive.

The Short Cut To Inner Peace

Try to spend some time in nature if you can. Turn off your cell phone and listen to the sounds of nature. It can be in the park, it can be in the ocean or even in your backyard.

Breathe in the fresh air deeply and breathe out all of your anxiety and stress. Feel the inner peace in your mind and on your face. It may work more than you would imagine! What are your secrets for inner peace?  Please tell me below!